Important Tips in Choosing a PC VGA, Do not Want to Wear VRAM lied!

VGA is a component of a PC or laptop that is very important for gamers in general. Because the VGA become one of the components that determine whether a game can run smoothly or not on a PC or laptop.

So many variants of VGA offered by the vendor, and often even confusing. One of the most frequently discussed is the problem of VRAM. Well, this time intentionally Jaka pillowcase, whether large VRAM is better or not? Consider the following article!

Tips on Selecting a VGA PC: Do not Want to Wear lied VRAM

Well, this article can help you are currently planning to assemble a PC for gaming, or are looking for a gaming laptop. Sure choose VGA require important consideration. Lest you be miscast, consider the following tips from me. 

What it VRAM? 

Before moving further determine the choice of VGA, you should know first what it VRAM. Basically the same as the workings of VRAM RAM. It just serves as a storage VRAM for VGA-temporary, and is different from that used for the CPU RAM.

The data stored in the VRAM, for example gaming texture, frame buffer, shadows, lighting and various elements of the graphics are displayed by the monitor.

What Factors Affecting the amount of VRAM Needs?

Several factors affect the magnitude of the needs of VRAM, more or less as follows.
  • Resolution would you use: The greater the resolution that you use, then you are in need of greater VRAM. As more and more elements of the pixels that need to be displayed.
  • Anti Aliasing would you use: To refine the grainy images would require an increasingly large amount of VRAM. Because the pixel elements that are needed to cover the rough graphics are also more and more.

How Much VRAM You Need?       

The first thing that needs to be clarified is what games would you play? This is important because when you play a game like Minecraft at 4K resolution, certainly will not take VRAM for playing Battlefield 1 in 4K resolution.
In addition, there are a few extra to keep in mind are:
  • Doing SLI or CF, which combine two or more VGA into one. It does not make VRAM doubled. For example, the 1080 GTX + GTX 8GB 8G 1080, will not make VRAM 16GB, but remained 8GB.
  • With a large VRAM, not a guarantee of your performance in playing the game will be better. However, when you VRAM shortage, will make a game you often experience a drop FPS.
Here you can see benchmark comparison of the RX 480 to RX 480 4GB 8GB.
Looks VRAM 4GB did not make a big difference. According to Jaka private, with the difference in price of the RX 480 4GB and 8GB in the range of 20%, more satisfying life RX 480 4GB.


If you only play at 1080p, for a range of 4GB of VRAM is actually still very capable. The difference in the performance of VRAM 8GB, more or less only in the range of (most) 10%.

In addition, the chipset prioritize better than you choose a large VRAM. For example, the RX470 RX 480 8GB and 4GB. Jaka more recommend your RX 480 4GB because it has proven to give better FPS.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to do SLI or CF, Jaka recommend a large VRAM. For example, the RX 480 8GB x2 for 4K gaming. Here's ability 2x CF RX 480 has been able to play the games with a resolution of 4K. Support 8GB VRAM will make FPS become more stable. It is unfortunate if you put 4GB of VRAM for you will experience many FPS drop in 4K gaming.

However, if you just play the game 1080p, the ability of CF RX 480 is certainly somewhat unfortunate. Due to the RX 480 single 1080p VGA itself is still quite, as well as its 4GB of VRAM. Thus, VRAM 8GB is not really necessary.

Those are some tips from Jake so that you no longer confused in choosing the right VRAM. Do not forget to leave a comment Friend!


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