Tips for Creating a Strong Password

Do you know "123456" is the password that is most widely used by people all over the world? ZoneAlarm Survey says 16% of consumers use his first name as a password. Most people no longer use "abc123" and the date of birth as a password. It is all types of passwords are easily uprooted by crackers. Here are tips on how to create strong passwords:

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Tips for Creating a Strong Password

Strong passwords that:

Strong passwords that
1) A minimum of 8 characters (more is better)
2) Containing more than one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number and one symbol
3) Each character alternating between lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols
4) Without the same character / Repeat

The ideal password:

The ideal password
1) Easy to remember
2) Different accounts / web / app, different password
3) Replace at least once a month

Passwords to avoid it:

Passwords to avoid it
1)The form of the word in the dictionary in any language
2)Common Abbreviations
3) the character sequence both digits and letters on the keyboard
4) Personal information such as name or date of birth   

So discussion of articles on how to create strong passwords and not easily collapse. Hope can help you.

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