Top 7 Android Game Definitely Likes Women

Playing games is certainly not done by men only. Many also of girl who enjoys playing games. Maybe you've heard the term "gamer girl"? The designation is intended to look popular with girls who are fond of playing games that were played by men.

But it actually does not need frills it to be able to play the game! I following references show games on Android that is sure nagih really does make the girls. What are these games? Here's his review.

The gameplay is definitely Likes Women

1. Dress Up Diary

Game newly released Android in late September this year raged played by a lot of girls in Indonesia!

In the game based dress up and this dating sim, you can find cute guys who could be dated, and their clothes are unique and funny, including traditional clothes Indonesia! Download his game here: Dress Up Diary. Do not forget to like fanspage Facebook and follow Instagramnya yes!

2. I Love Pasta

In the game's cutesy-based restaurant simulation, you are tasked with managing a restaurant serving Italian cuisine in a setting like the beautiful city of Venice.

In addition to serving food, you can also decorate your own restaurant! If she certainly can not stand it when it matters deh-decorating decor. Download game it here: I Love Pasta

3. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Farm Ville is a game where you become a farmer and breeder! Following the success of the first game, the game developer released a sequel called FarmVille 2: Country Escape.

In this game you can play with other players, such as fishing together, or make a trade. Be careful, you can lose track of time when playing this game!

4. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Who does not know Candy Crush Saga? More than 500 million people have installed the sweet puzzle game to their gadgets!

Of success, both of which belonged game Candy Crush Soda Saga. How to play the game remain the same as the first game, but here there is a kind of candy, combination, and also a new game mode with purple soda!

5. Bakery Story

Back to the game with the theme of food, in the "Bakery Story" you are in charge of managing the store serving dessert and pastry!

Additionally, you can also make drinks loh unique fresh here. Moreover, just like I Love Pasta, in this game you can decorate your store as attractive as possible!

6. Bonnie’s Brunch

When talking about girls definitely not going far deh from food. So many games are diciptain for them with the food theme.

Well, the difference Bonnie's Brunch with other games that have been discussed above are you in charge of managing food truck and serving meals to one per one customer who came.

7. Snapimals: Discover Animals

The game is widely recommended by friends Jaka ya. Here, your mission is to photograph the animals while strolling look at life in the wild.

Later, the pictures will be sold and the proceeds can you use to create a museum and more. In addition, the game is quite fun and surprisingly relaxing with musical accompaniment catchy!

That's the fun games nan cute that you can find on Android! Perhaps you can recommend these games to the sister, or even your sister, or maybe your daughter if you already have?