Transportation Systems San Francisco Ransomware Attack, Hackers Have 988 Million Ransom

Image-Transportation Systems San Francisco Ransomware Attack

The shadows of ransomware attacks be a scary thing for business owners. Especially for companies that serve the public transportation such as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), a transport company in the city of San Francisco. Because of hacker attacks, MTA-owned ticketing system can not operate.

This malware attacks impact is directly felt by the transport users who are members of the MTA network. At some stations run by SFMTA, posted the message, "You hacked, all data is encrypted." And, like other ransomware, the offender asks for a ransom to restore the system as normal.

Ransom demanded by hackers are not the least, as quoted from the SF Examiner ransom had reached US $ 73 thousand or the equivalent of 988 million rupiah. From the information obtained, ransomware malware is a variant of the Mamba and HDDCryptor known as one of the early generation of ransomware found by Morphus Labs and Trend Micro. This malware has the ability to encrypt the entire network and use a tool called diskcryptor name.

Due to a hacker attack, the ticketing system is not able to walk normally. Fortunately, the passengers are still allowed to ride, and free. On the other hand, the ticket machine shows the message 'out of order'. This happened in the span of two days, between the 25th to 26th of November. Subsequently, on Sunday, the system has been successfully addressed.

There is no clarity of how the system can be re-run normally. There are two possibilities that could happen. First, SFMTA meet the demand of a hacker and send money of 988 million rupiah. Or, they do resore of backup data.