Uncovered! It turns out there is Samsung in the iPhone 7!

It is common knowledge that Apple and Samsung is a true rival in the world of technology. Even Samsung insists on launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to banish the iPhone 7. Unfortunately, the effort ended with explosions Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which would be a golden opportunity when launching Apple iPhone 7.

However, behind the success of Apple brings iPhone 7 recently, who would have thought if there was a role Samsung in it. Yes, Apple and Samsung are working together to make the iPhone 7

Apple Partnership With Samsung

Uncovered! It turns out there is Samsung in the iPhone 7!


Through a video uploaded by iFixit revealed the relationship between the iPhone 7 with Samsung. As a reminder, iFixit is the site of frequent dismantling smartphone components to reveal what's inside. Now, through the latest videos on the YouTube channel iFixit, they disassemble the iPhone 7 and managed to find some interesting facts.

In addition to finding the battery capacity is only 1960mAh iPhone 7, iFixit also found the fact that the iPhone 7 turns RAM is supplied by Samsung. Though Apple and Samsung are rivals huh? Apparently, Samsung has long been supplying components for Apple, covers the screen and RAM.

In a video uploaded iFixit also found their components are not useful for the loss of audio jack on your iPhone audio jack 7. Slot critical components were not replaced, but only plastic and audio channels. Apple did in fact prepare iPhone 7 with many surprises huh?