Underwater World roam with Trident Drone

Trident drone in fact comes with a different view of drones in general. Drone itself synonymous with radio control plane with 4 or 6 vanes to help fly. Drone ever made was able to fly up to a radius of 100 m to 1 km away. However, clearly different from this one drone.

Trident specially designed underwater world seperlu roam freely. Brilliant idea about this unique drone was derived from a campaign Kickstrater by OpenROV who actually initiate it since 3 years ago.

Obviously there own reasons behind OpenROV designing underwater drone Trident. The initial goal is that Trident drones can provide new experiences contrast with most types of drones.

Underwater World roam with Trident Drone 


Trident Drone

Trident function Drone

For some of the underwater world may be a frightening specter. So for those who are afraid to depth and also can not swim but was curious about the underwater conditions can now take advantage of Trident. Trident will help the exploration of the underwater world freely as well as high-flying drones. With this presence Trident drones, it will give its own convenience, especially for those in need.

Trident Design Drone 

Turning to the terms of design. Given the drone different functions, clear design also will be different. Trident is more accurately described much like a submarine. Although used in the water, Trident is equipped with two propellers are pinned on the back and shaped almost like a square box. Meanwhile, on the side there is a rubber. The rubber will serve as a protector for drones from sharp rocks or other foreign objects in the sea.

As for the full specs, Trident drones capable of surfing in the sea up to a depth of 100 m. Ie the maximum speed is 2 m / s. In the water Trident is able to move flexibly as well as robotic fish. The user can control the Trident cruised slowly or quickly as needed. Regarding durability, drones divers can dive in the sea for 3 hours.

There is a HD resolution camera embedded on Trident. Function, of course seperlu capture pictures or record video. So you could say this drone is promising a different experience from most types of drones. More great again there is a complementary form wifi device that floats 25 m from the drone.

Prices Trident Drone  

Knowing superior specifications promised this unique drone certainly not priced cheap. The label OpenROV Trident at a price of 14 million. It's a little more expensive when compared with drone aircraft types. However, with the experience of searching underwater drone Trident price of course is quite comparable. 


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