Vivo V5 Review-Specs,Advantages and Disadvantages

The latest smartphone with a very fantastic selfie camera was introduced with the name Vivo V5, Irish raised by infusing powerful technology selfie camera lens with lens led a powerful 20 MP. 

Not just rely on technology alone camera, Vivo also present V5 even carrying a myriad of interesting specifications, including wrapping the body is captivating.

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Vivo V5 Review-Specs,Advantages and disadvantages


Vivo V5
Dimensions Vivo V5 has a luxurious feel and stylish. Not only attractive to look at, one Excess Vivo V5 is having a solid body clad metal material that will protect every inch of his body. Plus, Vivo V5 will be equipped with 2.5D curved glass screens which give effect to the arch on each side.  

Thus, Vivo V5 certainly looked increasingly impressed premium and expensive, the body is made measuring 153.8 x 75.5 x 7.6 mm and has a weight weighing 154 grams. The other is the excess Vivo V5 has been created by bringing dual-SIM capabilities that can be enabled simultaneously.

Both slots have also been fitted with technology that supports 4G LTE network. Thus, not only is able to send short messages and phone calls with more leverage, you are also becoming free maximize 4G network from two provider you use.

Vivo V5 not forget also has come up with a fingerprint scanner equipped with the technology, known as the fingerprint sensor technology.  

Interestingly, features a fingerprint scanner, which carried Vivo V5 itself is said to only require a period of 0.3 seconds to recognize its fingerprint is 360 degrees. Thus, Vivo V5 will be very supportive for users storing various privacy more easily and safely.

Problem internet connectivity, Vivo V5 even been present and comes with 4G LTE network technology that is ready to pamper you the internet user. Although not mentioned in detail about the use of LTE version, which certainly Vivo V5 will be able to present a reliable internet speeds of up to more than 100 Mbps. 

Even so, the region and the provider you use it will remain a major factor affecting performance in V5 Vivo connectivity.

Excess Vivo V5 this time is already embedded Android OS v6.0 Marshmallow which offers support for a variety of applications and the latest features of Google. As for the programingnya manage all activities, do not forget to Vivo V5 even have implanted artificial Mediatek MT6750 processor. 

Although it is quite a legacy, but, with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz that underpin them, the performance of Vivo V5 still be present sufficiently robust and reliable.

Not only fast in running various applications, Excess Vivo V5 selajutnya lies in the amount of RAM capacity of 4GB carried. Relying main memory capacity to accommodate such a wide area, Vivo V5 called not only able to spoil its users with fast programing process.  

But also strong in running many programs at the same time though, using a process that is still running smoothly multitasking.

Moreover, Vivo V5 also offers a spacious internal storage space that can accommodate a variety of file dikalim until the capacity reaches 32GB. Moreover, the storage space Vivo V5 also still be supported by the external memory slot.  

Where in this case, Vivo V5 is said to be able to accommodate a microSD memory with a large capacity, which reaches a maximum of 256GB. so, you no longer need to worry about a shortage of storage space for all your files.

Turning to the photography sector, Vivo V5 will come with full force to deliver quality images on each portrait. At the back, Vivo V5 comes armed with a powerful 13 MP camera lens, complete with PDAF sensor, and LED flash. Using the same lens, Vivo V5 is also said to be ready to pamper users with video recording Full HD resolution 1080p @ 30fps similar.

Weakness Vivo V5/Disadvantages

Vivo V5
In addition to the row Excess V5 Vivo, Vivo V5 no doubt if this time also has a few weaknesses that you may consider before purchasing it.  

Vivo V5 weaknesses first, to the screen size measuring just 5.5 inches Vivo V5 comes with HD resolution wrapped equivalent of 720 x 1280 pixels. Thus, Vivo screen V5 maximum likelihood is less so in presenting images and see a variety of activities that we run.

The weakness next Vivo V5, located on the installation of an external memory slot and SIM card 2. Because the second slot will be paired hybrid or integrated with one another.

Thus, you should opt for one of the pair. Are you going to pair the SIM 2 without a microSD card, or vice versa.

Vivo V5 weakness of the latter, is the use of a battery that is paired with a non-removable system. That means, the battery Vivo V5 will be paired up with a way implanted in the back. 

In other words, the battery Vivo V5 will not be able to be removed and replaced when damaged. Plus, Vivo V5 called yet adopted a fast battery charging feature. Thus, the charging process will likely take a long time.

Well, after knowing all about the Pros and Cons V5 Vivo, now your turn to make a selection. If you want to sign him, Vivo V5 itself officially been marketed in the country. Dipasarannya alone, Price Vivo V5 priced at $380

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