Xiaomi Mi Ready Mix Arrival Cortana Features

In the world of today's smartphones, Xiaomi is quite recognized name among the vendors. Moreover, after they dared to issue such flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix with low prices and attractive design. So it was natural that many other vendors who regard it as an enemy Xiaomi scary.

Plus, Xiaomi has also been cooperating with other vendors such as Microsoft and produce applications like Ms. Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook Email on Xiaomi Mi Mix. But, in the future, Xiaomi want to add features from Microsoft's Cortana bezel to the phone without the tablets.

Xiaomi Mi Ready Mix Arrival Cortana Features

True, Xiaomi apparently did have a long-term cooperation with Microsoft. This is proven by the presence of Cortana on the Xiaomi Mi Mix. What? Mi Mix has a feature Cortana? Yes, Xiaomi will use virtual personal assistant Cortana as Mi Mix.

Just like the features of Google, you only need to activate it by saying "Hey, Cortana." This is done so that the Xiaomi Mi fans have the best experience when using the products of the Chinese vendors. For you who have Xiaomi Mi Mix, immediately attempted yes this feature. Share your opinion!


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