Y-OCTA Display to Be There In Samsung Galaxy S8?

Samsung can be regarded as the king of the technology, although he was experiencing problems in the past with a series of his note, but it is not a deterrent for him to continue to be creative to give the best to the konsumenya scattered in various parts of the world.

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Even rumors about the emergence of the next generation of S7 series early becoming stronger, as quoted from page GSMArena, mentioning that the suksessor the prepared now so mature.

Y-OCTA Display to Be There In Samsung Galaxy S8?


If the time it was said that the latest flagship of Samsung is going to bring the display panel technology RGB, now mentioned flagship called the samsung galaxy S8 will stretcher screen technology that previously existed in Note 7, there is another that is Y-OCTA Display, which is a technology by placing touch sensors in the display panel itself, not in the protective layer to the screen, but entered into the screen that will be taken by S8 later.

It was with a view, in order to samsung's latest flagship has a thinner thickness, and certainly make it more luxurious than what samsung ever made. In addition, the latest info says, samsung will instill a screen of 5.7-inch panel on the Galaxy S8.  

Although impressed him like a phablet, but high-resolution still be given to what is at the very front of it, which would spoil any user with a clear picture display and has a high color sharpness.

As for the other specs are still leaning on what we said earlier, that the Galaxy S8 will instill a double security system, consisting of a fingerprint sensor and iris scanners. It's just about putting more detail is not known with certainty. 

Then referring to the kitchen runway, certainly south korea smartphone manufacturer that invested the most recent generation chipset from Qualcomm and Exynos, which it based on history samsung when dispensing the kitchen runway on his cell phone.

Then other interesting things, most likely with the photography sector. Not deny smartphone users not only want the kitchen runway performance powerfull course of a smart phone device, but crave the ability of photography is far above.

The average in order to capture every beautiful moments with the quality of the photo or video record best. Yet further, and will detail what is the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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