Youtube Red, Access Premium from youtube

Youtube is a phenomenon of the internet world. In the past when all its competitors put out of service based on text and images, YouTube trying to find a new form of video stream. Google is very aware of this. A video uploaded to Youtube will be very easy to become a viral video. And this simplicity can not be found elsewhere.

Youtube Red, Access Premium from Youtube

With the tremendous potential of this, Google finally decided to create a Youtube Red.

What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is a new service where customers will be given access to the premium Youtube and had to pay a monthly subscription fee. This service was originally introduced as Youtube Music Key, a music and video streaming service without ads. But in the end Google changed its name to Youtube Red and extend to all types of video at the end of October 2015

There are three main features Red Youtube as follows:  

1. No Ads

No Ads
If you subscribe Youtube Red, all the videos you watch will be free advertising

2. Save Offline

Save Offline
The video you see on Youtube Red can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. And will be available to watch during the next 30 days without a connection to the internet. But on videos you download will not be able to dikomentasi when you are offline

3. Background Play

Background Play
With Red Youtube, you can make music Youtube serve as background music in your phone / tablet. Youtube so it will not stop even if you switch to another application, even when your phone's screen death. This is very useful for music videos, where you just want to hear the audio while doing something else.

Currently existing content on Youtube Red still be accessed by the customer Youtube usual. But is expected to start in 2016, Google will provide exclusive video can only be viewed by subscribers Youtube Red.

An additional advantage is the future of every customer Youtube Red will also get free access to the Google Play Music (normal price of USD 10 / month). And this also applies vice versa. If you've been a customer at the Google Play Music so you will have full access to Youtube Red

Subscription Price

To subscribe to this Red Youtube, the fee is $ 10 / month. And is currently only available in the United States. And will be available in more countries in the coming months. Later you will be able to access to the Red Youtube page using your Google account and perform the service registration process.