Apparently, Sleeping Dogs 2 Almost So Game Most Ambitious Ever There

It is no need to explain anymore why Sleeping Dogs is often regarded as one of the best open-world game of all time, but, unfortunately, the game is not going to get a sequel though many people are waiting for him. According to one recent report, it turns Sleeping Dogs 2 has the potential to be the most ambitious game ever.

Sleeping Dogs 2

Sleeping Dogs 2

Vice recently issued a report about what might happen if Sleeping Dogs 2 can be made, and made on the basis of documents issued by former members of the United Front Games.

Developers are now bankrupt, said that Sleeping Dogs 2 did not get persetejuan and funding for Square Enix wanted to release Tomb Raider, Hitman and Final Fantasy XV. The document also describes what features will be added to the second game, such as co-op mode and a branching storyline as True Crime: Streets of LA, more games from these developers.  

Sleeping Dogs was originally created to be a continuation of the franchise with the title True Crime True Crime: Hong Kong, unfortunately Activision refused and the project was taken by Square which turn it into Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs Dogs 2Sleeping 2 will be located in one of the cities of China named Pearl River Megacity, and has a lot of new things which is the development of the first game, such as capturing the ongoing NPC.  

The story will continue with what happens after the first game, however, this time Shen Wei was accompanied by a partner named Harry Feng. The players will have the opportunity to choose the path of Wei and Harry's story which opens various possibilities as the story unfolds.

Two different storyline for each character can also be used to play co-op and multiplayer, a feature long awaited by fans since the release of Sleeping Dogs. There will be a multiplayer mode in the game is the same as Watch Dogs where his game will pair players who are in the same location.
Developer is also adding several other game modes that already exist in the first game, like fighting alongside other players, car racing, and complete the mission that was created using a special algorithm called "massively single-player".

The algorithm works in a way that is quite unique, in which the developer is using the cloud to store data system and designing missions players according to their actions. However, unfortunately it is impossible for them to do because of the limitations of existing hardware, especially for the owners of the console.

The concept of "massively single-player" can actually make the world a much more vibrant and continues to develop in accordance with what the players did. The more interaction that is done, then there will be more missions that can be generated.  

Articles of Vice also compares the concept of "massively single-player" with the mission of Skyrim or procedurally in a changing world in GTA 2 in accordance with the party selected by the main character.

Although it sounds very attractive, until now there is still no way to make it happen, and if Sleeping Dogs 2 dirlis, it is likely they will end up just like No Man's Sky who have lost many of the features after it was released. Square Enix still has a franchise license from Sleeping Dogs, so there remains the possibility that the game was made, and certainly not by United Front Games.

Do you think in the future Square Enix decided to make the continuation of this game? Or is it Sleeping Dogs 2 can be continued by other developers and publishers? Give your opinion on this well!

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