Apple: iPhone Not Explode Same Perhaps Galaxy Note 7!

Now, the news circulating about the iPhone being excited-hebohnya. Therefore, since the arrival of iPhone users update the latest version of IOS 10.1. Some users have already raised their complaints about bugs in the update.

Well, the iPhone bug that resulted in instantaneous death when the battery is still in a state of 30 percent. In fact, even when in-charge, users claimed battery suddenly jump to 30 percent within 30 seconds recharging. Golly, I wonder why?

Apple: iPhone Not Explode same Perhaps Galaxy Note 7!



Battery problems is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, right? For that, Apple spoke, "iPhone is not going to explode like the Galaxy Note 7." This statement is not issued on the official website of Apple globally, but only on Apple's website China alone.

The report also mentions Apple's bug spread to only a few minor points of the iPhone 6s. However, this issue was also entered into other Apple products like the iPhone 6, 5s, 5c, and 5. Sadly, Apple would only replace the iPhone battery 6s free, not with other iPhone models. Do you like the iPhone too?


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