Applications Edit Photos Into Paintings Rated For The Year 2017

Edit photo is a process of manipulating a photograph produced by the camera to make it look better. Nowadays, almost all smartphone users is said to never wear photo editing application. 

Previous photo editing application that once a trend is to beautify the camera 360 camera shots. This time we will provide information about the photo editing application that can transform photos into paintings.

The number of Developer or application developer in the field of photo editing makes Prisma developed a photo editing application called Prisma. 

This application can be utilized to change the display of photos to look like a painting. In this application there are 36 kinds of painting effects that we can use as udnie, femme, tears, dreams, getturban, curtain and others.

Prism also has a user interface that is very attractive and simple. In addition, photo editing application into this painting has a share button which can be used to upload the results of editing our photos to social media that we have. Here we will provide a download link Prisma and also how to use photo editing application Prisma.


Similar to some other photo editing applications, risma can also edit photos directly from camera shots or can edit existing photos in the gallery. How to remove the watermark or text Prisma edits photos that we do is by way of setting the photo editing application into the painting.

Step eliminates watermark Prisma:
1.Open the first Prisma application on the smartphone device you use.
2.Then find and click the gear icon or the settings of these applications.

3.After that, turn off the "add watermark" that is.

Similarly, information which we can pass on the application to edit photos into paintings which we can pass. Hopefully most popular photo editing application that can give satisfaction to you in editting images so that results can be directly uploaded to a social media or used as fuel DP.

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