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Blackberry Price R10

Blackberry R10
For the price of blackberry R10 itself officially in Indonesia has not been released and has not been entered in indonesia.disitu of course, the price of second or maybe a blackberry BM R10 price is also uncertain known in Indonesia. but some foreign online media reported that this R10 blackberry ranging between 200-300 dollars or the equivalent of 2 million to 3 million rupiah. Pretty cheap for smartphones with blackberry os 10.

For the price specification R10 blackberry, there is little leakage of BB R10 specifications. The R10 will use qwerty keypad with a 1,800 mAh battery and 8GB of internal memory, which would certainly be spoil the user's smartphone. hopefully with the release blacberry R10-series will appear blackberry BB 10 will appear also the lowest 10 others. A few articles about the review titled blackberry R10 Specifications Blackberry R10.

Specifications Blackberry R10

Blackberry R10
About specification R10 blackberry many parties have not yet issued a statement on blackberry R10 form, but something has been circulating in the internet images that have revealed sightings of this R10. Many are already posted blacberry R10 or BB also curve 10, named the curve because this smartphone has a similar shape to the design curve series, but here R10 has been using the touchscreen and QWERTY keypad.

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