CAUTION! 99% Charger Fake Apple Turns Very Dangerous

As you know, the original Apple accessory is priced very expensive. Therefore, many fake charger or accessory on the market.

Well, if you use a charger or accessory fake. We recommend that you have to break the habit. Because the recent UK consumer protection agency, Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has tested 400 fake Apple charger from various suppliers, the result is 99 percent of the studied charger was not safe.

99% Charger Fake Apple Turns Very Dangerous 

99% Charger Fake Apple Turns Very Dangerous

Reporting from Tech Viral, according to the study, 397 charger failed the basic test of security and safety to be harmful to users. Yes, only 3 units that meet the most basic safety requirements.

The charger does not provide enough insulation to be protected from electric shock. This means you could be electrocuted, even the charger is also potentially explosive fire.

This report itself appeared just weeks after Apple itself found that 90 percent of the fake charger sold through Amazon unsafe.

Amazon's own party are reported to have taken serious steps to protect their consumers from dangerous goods on behalf of Apple. Therefore, the users iDevice is recommended not to buy goods that are not official and it's better to buy original accessories Apple although expensive.


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