Compete with China, Japan's Fastest Supercomputers Make Valued at $ 175 million

Japan will spend nearly US $ 175 million to build the fastest supercomputer in the world, according to the BBC. The move was to reclaim the record of China.

Japan's Fastest Supercomputers Make Valued at $ 175 million

Japan's Fastest Supercomputers Make Valued at $ 175 million

Computer AI Bridging Cloud (AIBC) are expected to run at speeds as high as 130 petaflops, according to BBC reports. That number will be faster than the Sunway TaihuLight belong to China, which holds the current record.

Sunway has a theoretical maximum speed of 125 petaflops (but generally at 93 petaflops). One petaflop is equal to one quadrillion floating point operations (FLOP) in one second.AIBC, which the Japanese government is expected to complete before the end of next year, will be used to analyze large datasets and can be used for medical research, improvements in software autonomous car, and designing robots.

"As far as we know, no one out there faster," said Satoshi Sekiguchi, head of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) of Japan, the BBC said in a statement, as quoted by CNET. These institutions will oversee the development of AIBC.

AIST web site shows the agency is actively pursuing a variety of projects, including the development of electro conductive transparent plastic wrap.Japanese business will be able to hire a usage time on AIBC. The Government of Japan hopes that, by the way, it will prevent businesses using a similar service run by US companies.

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