Cool, This He Display Motherboard ASUS Z270 Updates!

To make a good PC, desperately needed a quality motherboard. Talk about motherboard quality, certainly reminds us with a famous brand is ASUS. ASUS has long been producing quality motherboards lineup until now.

Not long ago turned out to be a display of the latest line of motherboards ASUS Z270 has been leaked! ASUS also had pulled back to see new lines of motherboards is scheduled to be released in January 2017.

Display Motherboard ASUS Z270 Recent

That they are not more curious as to what the image of the latest motherboard ASUS Z270, just check out his review below.

1. ASUS ROG Maximus IX Z270 Series

Cool, This He Display Motherboard ASUS Z270 Updates!


ASUS ranks of superior products, code-named Republic of Gaming is the best product. There are three variants of motherboards, the ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero, ROG Maximus Formula and ROG Maximus IX Code.

ROG Maximus IX Hero is the cheapest of the series this motherboard lineup. Although the price is the lowest practically, this does not change at all this motherboard caste to be the best.

ROG Maximus Formula IX and Code both the best series for the enthusiast PC hardware. No need to say much, everything was complete in one motherboard.

2. ASUS STRIX Gaming Z270 Series

Cool, This He Display Motherboard ASUS Z270 Updates!


ASUS Strix Gaming is actually a series of new line for ASUS motherboard. Although relatively new, apparently Strix Gaming is successful in the market through the previous series and the X99 series Z170. There is a choice of three variants, namely Strix Gaming Z270E, Z270F and Z270G.

Z270E and Z270F designed the same as the standard size ATX. Equally features on heatsink RGB aura that makes the external appearance of this motherboard really looks classy. However, for those of you who have a little budget, you can make Z270F as an option. Because Z270F will be sold in the market at a price slightly cheaper than Z270E.

Z270G design with micro-ATX size. It is suitable as a choice for you who want to assemble a PC with a somewhat smaller size (mini-tower) but still gets all the premium capabilities.


Cool, This He Display Motherboard ASUS Z270 Updates!


ASUS SABERTOOTH designed with military standards and offer exceptional product durability than all other series. Not only the tough outer skin, the motherboard is also equipped premium features in it. No one if the motherboard is dubbed tough on the outside and inside.


Cool, This He Display Motherboard ASUS Z270 Updates!


This he sightings motherboard ASUS PRIME million people Z270-A. Because, this is a motherboard with a chipset that will be issued lowest Z270 ASUS. Although inexpensive, this motherboard still presents many of the features that should be taken into account.

Well, so how friends, ASUS always delivering the best is not it? So, do you have plans motherboard upgrade?

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