Cuit often controversial, Twitter Could Close Account Donald Trump

Could it be a time of US President-elect Twitter account was blocked due to the chirp-booms that?Can be. At least, Twitter has indicated his seriousness block chirp-chirp disturbing it. Twitter sincerity is reflected in the company's decision recently.

Twitter did not hesitate to block important figures and activists Alt-Right, a movement of pro-Trump who promote the idea of ​​white superiority, nationalism whites, as well as anti-Semitic.In addition, when asked about the possibility to block the government officials or the president, a spokesman for Twitter expressed his readiness.According to the spokesman, anyone, no matter who he is, can be blocked if it violates the rules of Twitter.

"Twitter has a clear rule against the threat of violence, harassment, hatred speech, as well as misuse of the account. We will definitely act if finding accounts that violate the rule, "said the spokesman."Twitter Rules apply to the entire account, including the various accounts that have been verified," he replied, when asked about the ability to block Trump.

While on the other hand, Facebook seems to have a different attitude.Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg prefers not to apply the rules of their standards on US President-elect Trump.

Despite Trump's posting on Facebook tend to express religious or racial discrimination, his statement will not be blocked altogether.

"Our ultimate goal is to be a mirror reflecting the aspirations of the community. We thought the content as it will make many people uncomfortable and they do not want it, "said Mark uncover the reasons behind his decision.

"But if the statement comes from someone the US President with the 60 million people are followers, then it needs to be treated with caution. Can not necessarily called unfair, "said Zuckerberg.