Do Not Rise Mount If Not Have 5 This Sophisticated Gadget!

Who does not like the streets? Average definitely like streets to unwind after work weeks or easily we call holiday.

There is a once a year, there is every 6 months, 3 months, or even once a month.

Well, for you who frequent the roads, especially roads that serve as a profession, you have to have 5 of this sophisticated gadget.

5 Tools for You The Nature Lovers

Well, to make the roads you more practical in nature and memorable, immediately refer yes.

1. AER

Streets without capture the moment with a picture would have felt less. Now that the photographs you have seen more interesting and creative, he appliance AER. This tool allows you to take an action camera loh! Direct consider just this video to know more as far as what this AER.

 Do not need to shell out a lot of money to have this tool. You just spend about 500 thousand rupiah. You can get it through the site Kickstarter.

2. CRUA Outdoors

To be one with nature, it is camping becomes mandatory. But imagine carrying a heavy tent, then must assemble again certainly quite inconvenient. But now there is a solution, namely with CRUA Outdoors. Your camping experience will be guaranteed fun and addictive.

Just like AER, you can get these tools through the website Kickstarter. However, it seems you have to spend a little inside, ie the range of 3.5 million. 

3. MUV

Well, this last tool is the most important. When in the wild, do not let you run out of drinking water. Because according to a study, drinking far more important than eating. Now with MUV, you're not going to run out of drinking while riding a mountain. Because the MUV can instantly transform any water into drinkable water. Unfortunately, this MUV still can not be held due to be released in early 2017.

4. LightSaver Max

Ouch today, must have been very difficult to escape from the name of the gadget. But if in nature, would charge the batteries wear what? Nothing plugs tablets. With LightSaver Max, you can still charge your gadget batteries in the wild. The reason is, that you need here is just sunlight and battery problems you can overcome.

You can get this on the website Indiegogo. You only need to spend a little inside, ie the range of 3.8 million rupiah. But with that price is quite comparable premises benefits can you get from this tool.

5. Revel Gear

Are you afraid of the dark? So that in nature you remain well-lit, you really are required to have this tool. Name appliance is Revel Gear. A roller lamp illuminates practically ready for you when camping. In addition to being light, it seems that you can use to charge your gadgets tablets.

The price is not too expensive. Only with 1 million, you will be freed from the darkness of the night while hiking and camping. You can get it directly through the site Revel Gear. 

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