Doomsday Is Near Proved from Facts of Science

Doomsday is near, these words are often heard these days often occur especially strange phenomenon that makes some people associate with the signs of the apocalypse. However, it turned out to be a reality for a lot of scientific evidence that supports it.

Doomsday Is Near Proved from Facts of Science 

Doomsday Is Near Proved from Facts of Science
Michael Banniester an astronomer from Belfast, Northern Ireland, as quoted by the Huffington Post claimed many strange phenomena that happen in this world. One that often arise in the world of astronomy that started there something that runs not on supposed.

Bannister and his friends have just discovered the strange phenomenon of a small planet that rotates in the opposite direction of the orbit of the solar system. Planet later named Niku was until now unknown how to "survive" passing in the opposite direction to the other planets in the solar system.
"I hope everyone tightens the seat belt because our solar system is getting strange," said Bannister.
Imagine if Niku passing in the opposite direction, collided with another planet.
In addition to the phenomenon of Niku, the strangeness of our solar system is the increasing number of meteors and asteroids that pass even into the earth. Apparently, this time the earth was passing meteor stream. Therefore more and more other meteor or asteroid that passed across the sky of the earth.
Last celestial bodies which gave rise to the appearance would Perseids, a meteor that flooded the Earth's sky last week. Speed ​​meteors is also much faster than usual. Perseid speed can reach 59 kilometers per second or 500 times faster than the fastest car in the world.
Another fact that is also expressed scientists is the phenomenon of melting the ice at the earth's poles. In addition to global warming, it is also due to the shift in position of the earth to some degree.  

The position of the earth today is more skewed than the previous position. Therefore, an area that should now begin to warm cold and exposure to sunlight. It also triggered the melting of ice at the poles of the earth.
The phenomenon of melt water from the poles of the earth it also led to rising sea levels. Several islands in various parts of the world also began to be inundated.

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