Excess New PS4 Not Only In Memory Capacity

Sony has just announced a new PS4 with its main advantages is the memory capacity of 1 TB, two times bigger than the previous PS4. However PS4 Ultimate Player Edition also has other advantages, namely lighter.


This new PS4-tenth times lighter than its predecessor. In terms of energy use, the new PS4 also slightly more efficient.

On the other hand, the memory capacity of 1 TB itself is not entirely the advantages of the new PS4. Because the hard drive PS3 and PS4 earlier can be upgraded, so as to get a larger memory capacity, users do not really need to buy the new PS. Simply by replacing the hard drive and follow the installation instructions on the Sony PlayStation site.

Ultimate Player Edition PS4 will begin circulating in many countries in Asia and Europe on July 15th. Sony itself has not announced the price of this new console.

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