Farming Clash of Clans TH 8 More Effectively Using GiBarch Strategy

TH CoC farming distress at 8? This is when you act using GiBarch strategy! With the cost of Elixir's, can get a double benefit!

Maybe for you Clash of Clans players (CoC) which has entered TH 8, experienced a period where the raid to be very difficult. In addition to enemy defenses are getting stronger, the need Gold and Elixir are used to upgrade your building more expensive. Supercell Moreover, just give it a new building very strong defense against many soldiers ashore namely Bomb Tower. 

For that you need a new fighting strategy to make farming in TH 8 this CoC. This time, I will introduce a new offensive strategy called GiBarch, which stands for Giant, Barbarian, and Archer to do farming CoC in TH 8. However, these strategies have adjustments so allow you to destroy the enemy base to mix!

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

How it Works GiBarch 

As I said before, the strategy for farming CoC GiBarch use main force Giant, Barbarian, and Archer. However, since we were in TH 8, the third ground forces required assistance from the ground forces more powerful, namely Hog Rider and Wizard. 

The main focus of this attack is the Giant as a tanker. Then followed the Wizard, Archer, and Barbarian for funneling put. Once the enemy defenses were on Giant, use Hog Rider to ambush another tower that is still standing. Healing Spell become one of the key determinants of winnings. 

Excess GiBarch

  •       Cost Elixir and Elixir Dark quite cheap
  •      The duration of training troop shortly
  •      Easy to learn 

Preparation GiBarch 

To conduct raids as well as possible, of course we have to prepare everything well. Well, the attack using this CoC GiBarch for farming, we must prepare the troops and spells with a suitable combination. Here is the arrangement that you have to prepare in advance:
  •      10 Barbarian
  •      41 Archer
  •      15 Giant
  •      9 Wall Breaker
  •      9 Wizard
  •      4 Hog Rider
  •      3 Healing Spell / 2 + 1 Poison Healing Spell Spell
  •      Clan Castle Troop: 5 Hog Rider
  •      Clan Castle Spell: 1 Poison Spell  

Step Strategy GiBarch 

After preparing the troops and spells in accordance with the above list, it's time we made an attack. There are a few steps you must do to attack using this GiBarch strategy.

Here are the steps you must follow to this order which I will write.

1. Kill the enemy troops Clan Castle  

In the attack using Giant, we must guard against the Clan Castle enemy forces. Therefore, might the Giant us killed before doing its job optimally. For the most effective way to attack enemy bases is Clan Castle troops to kill them first. For TH 8, mostly Dragon and the Wizard, you can easily defeat them using Archer and Poison Spell.

2. Remove The Whole Giant!  

As I said before, Giant is very effective when attacking in groups. For the Giant should be released together to destroy the enemy's defense quickly. You can choose the path that is not a lot of Wall, to facilitate the Giant destroy the enemy tower. If there are many Wall, Wall Breaker use to help make way for Giant.

3. Funneling 

After Giant is released, it's time you did funneling using the Wizard. Destroy the entire building outside enemy, thus helping the Barbarian and Archer to be able to attack the enemy is in the storage layers in their defense. Wizard can also help Barbarian and Archer in destroying the enemy TH storage and also to get their property. Barbarian King also you can use to keep your troops at once helped conduct funneling.

4. Offensive Hog Rider

This step is very important for you who want to destroy the enemy base until blended. Hog moves very quickly, bypassing Wall to skip. It is used for attack defense building fragmented by the Wall. Use when building the focus of attack Giant enemy defenses, if necessary use Healing Spell to keep the Hog alive. Hog is also very suitable attacked are clustered. When all of the enemy tower is destroyed, enjoy your victory.  

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