Foxconn Refuses to Build Factory iPhone in Indonesia

Donald Trump that Apple's intention to move the Apple factory from Taiwan to the United States (US) met with resistance. Even the company that produces the iPhone Foxconn firmly refused to sign the contract, and Foxconn insisted there was no intention to build a factory in Indonesia

Foxconn Refuses to Build Factory iPhone in Indonesia

Foxconn Refuses to Build Factory iPhone in Indonesia

Responding to the Trump plan, the founder and chairman of Foxconn, Terry Gou, wrote an open letter which said displacement assembly plant to the US were deemed potentially harmful Foxconn because it can take a very expensive cost. In fact, so-called production costs could be doubled.

The contents of the open letter outline reads:

To Trump, Gou several suggestions that should be considered.

First, according to Gou, Trump plans to move the iPhone assembly plant to Uncle Sam is not the solution to create jobs. You should refer to the mindset which can make people able to create his own work area.

Rows area berpontensi plant will be built for the iPhone was revealed Gou has a high market enthusiasm with the iPhone. Brazil, India, China and Indonesia "However, until now it may not intend to build an assembly plant in Indonesia. I'm not going to build an iPhone in Indonesia and probably never will be," wrote Gou.

Moreover, the man who has been engaged in manufacturing technology devices since 1974 this past admitted, it has gained revenue billions of dollars in the past year thanks to Apple. Tecatat, Foxconn gain revenue of USD 75 billion.

"If you want an iPhone are manufactured in the US, I actually could grant it. Yes, I sort of can build an assembly plant in the Trump Tower, but the costs would definitely very huge, "

I have to cover the costs for the plant, transport, and labor, "said Gao.

"I can employ robots in the US, but it took many months to train, man only took a matter of hours. And more than one robot would kill the man's work for sure. "

Before closing sentence, Gao told Trump when increasing import tariffs, will not change things too much. It instead will throw the scourge of Foxconn where burdened tax subsidies to employees, the cost of electricity, and still more from one another.

"Remember Trump, like a big wall you want to wake up, there will be a price to pay and it is not me you need to bear in mind," said Gou.


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