Game "Angry Birds Blast!" Has Launched For Android and iOS

Angry Birds name would have been familiar to you, especially the mobile game Angry Birds could dominate top position a few years ago in the mobile application store. However it seems that Rovio does not stop there because they previously had announced the title of the new mobile game "Angry Birds Blast!". Well, now you can try the game for Rovio has launched officially.

 Angry Birds Blast

Angry Birds Blas
Of course for those who have missed the angry Birds franchise would not mind to try this new game, even more so this game can be downloaded for free. Although Rovio is still doing a soft launch for several regions including Indonesia, but this game is no longer a release for the entire world.  

During 7 years of gait Rovio, the game provides something unique and new, but did not leave the impression of a typical game Angry Birds in the previous game.
In addition, Rovio also highlights how this game can be played offline and the download size is relatively small game. Certainly when compared with the latest Nintendo game, Super Mario Run which will be inversely far as the game is still available for iOS it requires an Internet connection and drain enough internet data taken from several sources.

For those of you who are curious about the game can immediately try this game, Rovio launched its second recall this game for free for Android and iOS. However, there will be a small transaction in the application to allow the player to complete the challenge in the game. 

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