Google Presents Gboard Virtual Keyboard For Android Platform

Alikasi Gboard virtual keyboard has been sliding since last May, and now finally Android users in Indonesia are able to taste this virtual keyboard. Yes, the Google Play Store Indonesia has been providing these applications since the end of last week and you can download for free.

Gboard Virtual Keyboard

Gboard Virtual Keyboard

Automatically Google Keyboard previously installed on the Android device will be updated to Gboard. It aims to enhance the Android user experience in typing with a keyboard that is more enhanced.

Surely Gboard not only brought a new name, but the virtual keyboard is also carrying a variety of new features that are richer than the previous keyboard. One excellent feature that carried Gboard is a shortcut (shortcut) to the search field via buttons G. G keys on the keyboard are optional, you can display it if necessary, or hide them if deemed unnecessary.

If you choose to use these features, then you can perform a search on any subject while typing a message, an email, or other things that require a keyboard. By doing so, we do not have to bother anymore to open a browser or Google Search when they want to find something.

Other unique features, this keyboard supports three languages simultaneously for word preference, whereas in previous keyboard support only one word choice preferences. For other features are themes, search emoji, gesture typing, and many other features. For those of you who can not wait to try Gboard can follow the link below.

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