Great! Researchers Develop Artificial Organs with a 3D Printer

Great! Researchers Develop Artificial Organs 3D printer with Printer 3DTeknologi increasingly growing. Not only to make a matter of course, this technology can be used to save mankind. This time, researchers are developing a 3D printer technology to the world of health.

Bioprinting is a way to create human organs with 3D printer technology. Not much research institute focusing on developing bioprinting. However, Queensland University of Technology in fact do the opposite.

Researchers Develop Artificial Organs with a 3D Printer

Reporting from futurism, Queensland University of Technology in collaboration with the Metro North Hospital and Health Service announced a cutting-edge technology in the world of health. They will build a research center that will scan, model and organs of patients with a 3D printer.

Australian Health Minister, Cameron Dick is optimistic about the research institute developed.

"Together with various experts from the fields of medicine, science, and engineering, this will provide the best results for patients. The institute will be opened in 2017, and will be a stepping stone for Queensland as a leader in medical and health technology innovation, "added Cameron.

The final goal of this research institute is to create human organs through a 3D printer. This organ will be formed from the patient's body tissue so as not to be rejected by the patient's body. It also will help many patients who currently need an organ donor.

Well, yes invention also great 3D printer that can make organs for patients. What do you think? It seems very helpful in the global health world yes. Do not forget to tell your opinion in the comments field.