Guide Flicker Vainglory, Meshes Enemies Until Sold

Meshes with the ability Flicker and beat together with the team! Listen here Flicker guide Captain Vainglory to be useful to the team!

One hero Vainglory very annoying now is Flicker. This is because the ability of the Flicker namely Binding Light and Fairy Dust. With both of these capabilities, Flicker can ensnare enemies and make it unable to escape from his clutches. Well, this time I will share your Flicker Vainglory to be a hero semi carry. Of course, at the same time knowing what items are suitable to him. Here are six items that suited him.

Guide Flicker Vainglory

Defense Item 

Surely as the role of Captain of the team, you must have a supporting items to support the team. Therefore, items from which surely is the Fountain of Renewal. With this item, you can fill your team when the HP of the ongoing war. It is very important to increase the likelihood of you winning the war to keep your team in order to survive. These items are also very suitable as the first item you bought you.

You will also need 2 defense items again to strengthen themselves. This is because in addition to being ganker, also served as tankers from your team. To fill the third slot item you have to know them first item build.  

Such discussion ever before, if the enemy a lot of build WP you have to buy air-Armor item is high, if the enemy many buy CP, you must buy items of high air-Shield. In addition there is an item called Atlas Pauldron which can reduce the enemy's attack speed if used, which is quite useful if the enemy attacks make items with high speed.


This item is useful to increase the damage produced by Flicker. This item is also very suitable for use by the heroes who have the role captain / ganker for generating true damage, damage which can not be reduced by any defense item. This item is perfect purchased when you already have the item Fountain of Renewal or also can be regarded as the second item of Flicker.


After using all the capabilities Flicker, basic attack you will be affected Aftershock effects of which cause 15% maximum HP enemies become damage. Very nice used by the hero role captain / ganker like Flicker to become semi carry on a team or become damager of participating in the team.

Journey Boots

With this shoe you can always approach the enemy and perform a second spam abilities that I mentioned above. You can also easily reset the cooldown of this shoe thanks to the ability of the Flicker. If you do not like this shoe, the shoe that fits you use is War Treads. If the shoe is more directed to the team to pursue the enemy.

That is the sixth item which is suitable for use by Flicker to become semi-carry in the team. After all he is the hero role captain / ganker, so often gank enemy rather than grinding in the jungle. 
Good luck ! ! !

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