Gundam PS4 Shown With Prime, Showcase Awakening System and Assist

Two days ago, Bandai Namco held an event livestream specials titled Gundam Festival, and featuring gameplay premiere of the game arena fighting two vs. two Gundam VS PS4 where shown the system "assists" to summon help from the Mobile Suit other as well as two power-ups Awakening new: Blaze and Lightning Gear.

Gundam VS PS4

Being VS Gundam titles to be released for consoles, Namco Bandai previously showed the teaser of this game at a press conference pre-Tokyo Game Show 2016 special Japan yesterday. The debut gameplay video is a recording of the game Gundam VS PS4 which is currently in closed beta phase exclusively in the State Sakura.

But do not be surprised if the video footage of gameplay Gundam VS PS4 appear broken, because it is a recording of the livestream announcement that was held by the Namco Bandai.

As seen in the video Gundam VS PS4 just now, with the assist system is provided you can call the "Striker" Gundam to help attack the opponent or distracting them while you attack the other enemies.

Then it seemed also two new Awakening system for PS4 game titles, namely Blaze and Lightning Gear. By enabling Blaze Gear, you will get a boost effect of the attack so that the attack that you generate will multiply and attack you received from your opponent is also reduced.

Meanwhile Lightning Gear adapted for players who prefer to play slowly. You get a similar effect with Blaze Gear but weaker but the effect will last longer.

For now Gundam VS PS4 release date has not been announced by Namco Bandai, but they have confirmed that it will remove it as well as to markets outside Japan through English version Asia.

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