How to Backup Contacts BBM Easy And Fast

An application called BlackBerry Messenger or BBM is one of the most phenomenal messenger instant application. Yes, this one application but can be used by BlackBerry users, but also for other platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The development of BBM application users has increased significantly since the launch of this application for some BlackBerry OS beyond. Padalah, the fuel itself had previously only available on BlackBerry devices only. In fact, now fame BlackBerrry phones decreased.

If the offending app BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, of course, you already know the name PIN. Yes, Pin itself an identification code BBM application users as well as contact HP. By knowing the PIN BBM others, we can chat at will with that person.  

BBM PIN itself will be automatically saved when the fuel user invites the PIN and then will go to the contact list. But with the condition, if the invite also requires confirmation from the person. Similarly, HP's contact list, BBM PIN is also very necessary for us to secure.

But so the question is how to backup a BBM contact if we are going to replace your phone, for example. The answer is very easy because this week's time we will try to share how backup BBM contacts easily and quickly. Intrigued by the way? Go see the full review below. 

How to Backup Contacts BBM Easy And Fast 

1. The initial step, of course, opens the existing fuel your mobile.

2. Then whispers screen from left to right.

3. Then will appear several menu options, select Settings.

4. O
n display top Settings No BBID or BlackBerry ID, you touched considering the well BBID account to e-mail and password.
5. The disposable BBID to log on fuel in the other device. BBM contacts will then automatically switch to a new device used.

How easy is not it? We need to know, in fact, the fuel itself has an automatic contact backup feature. So we do not need to lose takin BBM contacts. As long as we always remember BBID or BlackBerry ID. Similarly, our discussion this time about How to Backup Contacts BBM With quick and easy may be useful.

Good Luck

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