How to Cope with the Internal Storage in Mobile Quick Full Oppo

When see phone specifications, and it said internal storage capacity of 4GB. Do not be surprised if it turns out after checking the different internal storage capacity is far adrift with only approximately only 1GB only.

This is also true for the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Oppo, as an example of the Oppo Yoyo series, Joy and Find 5 Mini.


Reduced internal storage capacity of the phone series is because the Oppo uses a separate system of division of internal storage (non unified). In this case for example, internal storage capacity of 4GB is true, but subdivided 2GB for the system cache, and so forth, 1GB of applications, and the rest of the other 1GB for data storage.

Surely it is for some people is a serious problem. But in this case, there are ways to overcome internal storage that quickly filled in Oppo phones, by using Switch Partition. The purpose of the switch partition is a partition merge into a unified internal storage, in other words, storage systems, applications and data turn out to be one.

But before doing this partition switch, there are a few things you should take note gadgeteers. First, all data in the internal storage will be deleted by the system. Therefore it is better gadgeteers backup data in advance.

Second, make sure the Oppo phones already in Color newest operating system. If not mistaken, the partition switch menu appears on the firmware has been updated since January 2015.


If both these important issues are considered and not harm directly to discuss how to cope with fast internal storage full Oppo phones using switches partition.

  • Oppo specifically for mobile phones, gadgeteers stay just go to the settings menu and then to others and select the menu switch partitions.
  •      In the menu switch partitions, check gadgeteers confirm to erase and select switch partition (as shown) 
Do not worry if the menu appears notice or warning. Just press OK to accept it and continue the process of switching the partition. When the process is complete, gadgeteers can check in the menu of available space.

How to switch partition is also a solution for gadgeteers who found the message "not enough space on the device" when attempting to install the application on your phone Oppo. Good luck ya!