How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently With Easy

Facebook is a social media site that still exist today. Although Facebook itself has a lifespan that is quite old, but Facebook users from day to day increasing it. Why is that, because of these social networking applications can be updated to meet the needs of its users. As a result, many Facebook users who like to surf social networking applications, not just once or twice, but connect each time.

However, many Facebook users who are bored and want to delete his account. Actually there are several factors causing the Facebook users who want to delete their account.  

In addition to its already bored, remove a Facebook account is also done because pengunanya snagged be a problem, such as account hijacking other people to defamation. Therefore, we here will share how to delete your Facebook account permanently easily.

Before that you should know, there are various types of ways to delete your Facebook account. The first is how to remove the usual, ie deleting accounts in a way that has been determined and the Facebook account you can delete restored.

For the second is how to delete your Facebook account permanently. If the way to permanently delete this done, then you have an account Facebooj delete can not be recovered by any means. Intrigued by the way? As reviews go see the details as follows.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently With Easy 


1. Login first on Fb account you want to delete.
2. Then go to page delete your Facebook account, or it can be through the link:

3. Then you will go on the elimination of Akkun FB page, press the "Delete My Account".
4. Wait a while until you are prompted to enter the password / password Fb.

5. If the page appears CAPTA request, just fill in the appropriate CAPTA request. Usually CAPTA requested can vary, kadan must enter the code letters or numbers, or it could be a photo. 

6. After that, just follow the process to complete and will display a notification if your Facebook account has been successfully deleted.

Up here your Fb account has been successfully removed, will tetapu not permanently, or they can be reinstated. Then how to make your Facebook account deleted could really have been deleted permanently and can not be recovered?

In order for your Facebook account could be permanently deleted, never open a facebook account that you remove at least for 14 days. Well, after 14 days then the account Facebook will be deleted permanently, the records should never be opened.

Before 14 days, you still may cancel the deletion of the Facebook account permanently. So we suggest you think carefully before deciding to delete your Facebook account with the above.

Hopefully what I have to say this time could give more benefits to you all. Do not forget to leave a comment if you want to ask.

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