How to Harness the HP Android on Computer

When this has been a lot of smartphone or even a tablet PC based on Android that offer a wide various latest features. These features were previously unable to be encountered on older Android device, because the device at this time we can see the features of fingerprint sensors, retinal scanner, laser focus, and still many more cool features.

With its wide range of makes Android smartphones become more powerful and can do many things. One of the sophistication of new Android smartphones might know some people are able to control the computer remotely.  

However, the feature is not something new to the Android device. But in this article we will discuss it should, namely to control your Android device be it a smartphone or a tablet PC remotely using a computer or laptop.

This can be useful when the Android smartphone we left behind at home while traveling to a location or office, we are still able to access the smartphone with the help of a computer or laptop. Like what a way to control Android smartphone remotely using a computer? consider the following review.

How to control the Android we can do with the help of an application AirDroid. This particular application can help us to connect the two devices, the Android device and computer through the Internet. So to be able to do this we need to have the app on both devices.

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Measures to control the Android remotely using AirDroid

Measures to control the Android remotely using AirDroid

1. The first step first downloaded AirDroid app on your Android device and computer

If the download process has been completed, then we install the AirDroid app on both devices to   be used

Please also note AirDroid app requires root access on Android devices that will be used. So make sure you have an Android device in the first Root

Open AirDroid applications that have been installed on both devices, and then log in using the same account both

5. After that, go to the Settings menu AirDroid on your Android device, then select Mirror Notification Service

6. Checklist Android applications that can bring up the notification on computer

7. Connect both devices by opening the application AirDroid on computer, then select Water Mirror

8. Wait a while until the pairing process is completed, and the Android phone screen seen on a 


9. If the two devices have been connected, we can also control the display through a computer device

Thus information can I to say, hopefully this article can be useful and do not forget to continue to visit us to get more interesting information about the gadget. 

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