How to Save Data Quota Free Android Easy

It is undeniable that the Internet has become a necessity in today's modern man. This occurs because of the rapid development of technology, especially the smartphone device that can perform various activities such as browsing or chat can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

But we need to know, all actions require data quota that can access the Internet, and the data required is not little. Moreover for Android users who frequently use social media chat application and internet quota will clearly feel they are being reduced until exhausted. This is because several makes no difference, one containing several applications are always online and spend quotas.

Quotas were quickly used to make us have to buy back the quotas of the internet. But the price of internet data packets offered by most providers is quite expensive, for that I will share information about How to Save Data Quota Android that can be listened to below.

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7 Ways to Save Quota Internet

1. Uninstall or change an application that takes a lot of data quota

Uninstall or change an application that takes a lot of data quota
Indeed, with their application can facilitate us to connect to the internet, but it does actually make our quota quickly exhausted. We can see which applications are consuming the data by going to Settings -> Data Usage. Here we can see a list of what apps are using Internet data. If there are applications that spend a lot of data, we can uninstall or replace these applications with other applications that do not take up a lot of data.

2. Limit the use of data on the application

Limit the use of data on the application
This way we can use to save the Internet data. Where are we going to limit data use on multiple applications that have the synchronization options, and optional data. To do so, go to the Settings menu in the application that uses data. After that, choose Back Up & Sync to see the data saving option.

3. Disable the synchronization options

Disable the synchronization options
In addition to restricting the use of data in ways previously contained in the application settings menu, disable the sync options can we do in order to save the Internet data. Do I go to Settings -> Accounts, then select the account you want disabled.

4. Limiting the data in the background

Limiting the data in the background
How to save further data can be done by going to the Settings menu first, then select Data Usage and Tap three vertical lines located on the top right, select Restrict background data and click OK.

5. Limiting mobile data

Limiting mobile data
Android devices have features of data usage and limit warning system that can be used to warn us when data usage has exceeded the limit. To enter the Settings menu menyetingnya-usage-Cellular Data Set cellular data limit of data.

6. Use Chrome features "Data Saver"

Use Chrome features "Data Saver"
For those who frequently browse search for information using the Chrome browser, you can cut the use of data quota samapai 50%. To activate enter the Settings menu-ON-Data Saver.

7. Update applications using WiFi

Update applications using WiFi
Applications on the Android device is always asking for updates when the latest version came out. The application updates automatically so that it can take some quota. To overcome a lot of data, the setting on the automatic update can we replace the use Wifi only option. How to enable entry to the Play Store first and then select the menu Settings-> Auto-update apps-> Auto-update apps over WiFi Only.

So 7 ways to save quota may help you.         

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