How To Solve Play Store Could Not Be Opened On Android

Android users would have been familiar with an application called Google Play Store. Yes, for those of you who still do not know, Google Play Store itself is a service created by Google that will make it easier for Android users to be able to obtain applications or games in want.

Thus, the Play Store app itself can be said app market
most applications and games for Android users. Nowadays Play Store does not only provide a lot of applications and games that gartis status and pay, but there are also Ebook. So that Android users can earn hundreds or even thousands of ebook interesting.

Tangent about the Play Store, many Android users moan about problem at the service of the app market. One example is the Google Play Store can not be opened or executed. Yes, indeed often Android users feel had difficulties when they want to download an app or game simply because of the Play Store app can not open.  

So is there a way to overcome it? The answer is no, and just so happens that we will share how to overcome the problem of Google Play Store can not be opened. For those of you who are curious, the following full review.

How To Solve Play Store Could Not Be Opened On Android 

Play Store

1. First set up your Android-based devices.
2. Then go to the "Settings" menu or "Settings"

3. After that go to the "manager" application? "Apps".

Then press tab "all"

5. If you have, simply click reset application preferences.

6. Exit from the settings menu or settings.
7. Open the Google Play Store app again his. 

Well, until this ditahap should have the Play Store app available on your Android device can be opened and normal again. But if the way is still not successful, you can do a second way which is clear Play Store app data. Consider how full here:

1. First, go to "Settings" or "Settings".

2. Then find and press the "application" / "apps".

3. If so, press the tab "all applications".

4. Search and you press the Play Store.

5. Continue to click "clear data," or "delete data".

6. Do not forget to do a "clear cache".

7. Exit from the settings menu.

8. You could re-open the Play Store app.

How easy is not it? How this is done in order to reset the system contained in the Play Store in order to walk back as usual. However, if both methods still can not succeed, then certainly there is a problem on your Android system.

The easiest way to solve the problem is with a factory reset or also flash back on your own android device. But before step flash factory reset or re-done, it's good to move or also backup the data first. Because the factory reset or re-flash will make existing data on the ROM or the internal memory will be erased or lost.

The way to do it carefully so that no excessive damage on your Android device. Good luck and hopefully succeed.

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