How to Solve Problems With Easy Xiaomi Note Redmi

As the development of technology, many variants of smart phone products enter to the market homeland. Almost all smartphones market dominated by products from China and one of them is from the manufacturer named Xiaomi, the brand is targeting mid-market segment. Speaking of price, the products of this Xiaomi can be quite cheap.

Xiaomi smartphone made deliberately designed to compete with other products in its class, so even though the specification offered is not much different, but the price offered Xiaomi more affordable. Perhaps it is the marketing strategy of Xiaomi to be able to attract the attention of consumers around the world.

At the time of his first visit to the world market, brand Chinese origin issued flagship product named Xiaomi redmi 1 was followed to the presence of more gahar named Xiaomi redmi 3.  

The presence of this Xiaomi products themselves get so good welcome from consumers. The advantages and features that have been increased significantly from the previous series, making the product redmi 3 Xiaomi is so popular.

The advantages of this redmi Xiaomi there are sectors that adopt casing design with sturdy metal packing material and make it look elegant.  

Not only that, there were also features a fingerprint sensor and many other features and advantages of the products made by Xiaomi this one. However, this time we will not discuss more details on the specifications of this smart phone, but rather to address issues on Xiaomi smartphone redmi Note.

Well, for those of you who want to know what problems are there in this Note redmi Xiamo? Please go see the full review below. 

How to Solve Problems With Easy Xiaomi Note Redmi 

1. Quick Battery Out

Xiaomi Redmi Note
Other problems exist in the sector baterau wasteful or rapidly depleted, while the battery capacity of Xiaomi Note redmi is fairly large: 3000mAh, arguably the capacity is so large and durable even if used for days. For those of you who are looking for solutions to solve this problem, the way is to update the OS on a regular basis and do not operate the HP when you're charging.

2. The theme often changed into Chinese

Xiaomi Redmi Note
A further problem is the theme that by itself is changed into Chinese mode. Well, to solve this kind of problem, the way is to delete any files or data on the theme or also you can set its in the settings menu.

3. Often exit the application by itself

Xiaomi Note Redmi
This smartphone users often complain to the problems of this sort, this sort of thing is because optimization on MIUI. Often we experience this one problem when you are using BBM chat application. The best solution is to go into your settings menu and then select Security and press the manage app permissions per mission, then turn trusr app. And you can instantly turn autostart contained in the application BBM chat.

4. Loss of Play App Store

Play Store
Problems often complained of users redmi Xiaomi Note is the loss of the Play Store. There are solutions to these problems, namely by downloading the application again melaluo Gogle Installer or also through Mi store and then reinstall the application.

That was some of the problems on Xiaomi Note redmi and how to overcome them. Hopefully this information can be useful for you, especially for your Xiaomi mobile users redmi.

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