How to Uninstall Deep Freeze Password Forgot Easy and Simple

Deep Freeze is a multifunctional program that is widely used by all users of the PC / laptop and the like. The major use of this software is to keep the system safe from time to time, way is to restore the data and settings to the default mode, so it will make a malware or virus will not appear after the computer / laptop to restart.

However, this does not not sufficiently widely used except by devices that have more than one user, for example the cafe. Daari then, if you do not really need to please you uninstall software. However, before the uninstall, it helps you switch off first and this kind of thing requires a password. For those of you who did forget the password, you can try this one way.

How to Uninstall Deep Freeze Password Forgot Easy and Simple  

Deep Freeze
1. Reboot / restart your PC first device, and then enter the BIOS modde. This step is extremely important if you did forget the password of the Deep Freeze. To enter the BIOS mode, you can press a key when the BIOS Setup Reboot PC. Usually there is the option key to enter the BIOS, namely by press F2, F10 and Del depending on the type of device your PC.

2. Because you have forgotten the password of the Deep Freeze, you peru cut off date use the software until you no longer need access password. The trick is to change the dates of your PC so 10 years backward or forward. Later in this way, the software Deep Freeze will consider himself already or should not operate anymore. After that, you can save and reboot the device back on your PC.

3. Open the Windows Advanced Startup menu, how to press and hold the F8 key until the boot right. If the menu is already out, just hit the "Debug" or also "Debugging Mode".

4. Then open the Task Manager, how to press a combination of "Ctrl + Shift + Del". In the press it must be contiguous and also fast. For users of PCs with Windows 8 or 8.1, you can right-click on the Windows icon and then select "Task Manager".

5. If you've signed in, look for the "DFServ". You can search for these processes on the "Processes". When acquired, just click "End Process" to terminate the search process. Not only that, you need to stop the process is also a program called "FrzState2K.exe". PC device usually will ask for confirmation to you, you dapay click OK / Yes.

6. Now you just need to remove the software Deep Freeze in the folder where to save it. Basically, Deep Freeze usual saved in the folder C or more precisely: "C: \ Program Files \ Faronics \". You must delete all the folder.

7. Then you have to enter the Windows Registry by clicking the "Windows + R". Then appears the Run, enter the keyword "regedit" (without the quotes), click ok. Well, now look for a file called "Faronics', where the folder contained in the folder named" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ ". Delete the folder.

8. Supposed to be here, Deep Freese application has been completely erased from the device of your PC. But if they have not already, you seem to have to reinstall your device. Unfortunately, this affects
loss all data on the PC / laptop.

That was How to Uninstall Deep Freeze Software easily and quickly. Hopefully, what we say this time could be useful for you all. 

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