How to Use Psiphon On Android Devices for High Speed Internet

This time we will discuss about Psiphon. Psiphon this application we can use to access the internet for free. Therefore, we will provide information on how to use Psiphon on android devices.

For some people who do not know Psiphon application along with its function, we will explain it briefly in this article. Actually Psiphon is a tool / device that has a function as the access of the Internet without having to worry about quotas / free. Psiphon to access the Internet using a secure network, or VPN, so that when we use Psiphon variety of sites that have been blocked can we open freely.

Of the various free internet applications, Psiphon become one of the most popular applications, because it is very easy to operate. But sometimes using Psiphon in HP Android is still not known by many people. Here's a tutorial on how to use Psiphon or the free internet access for you.

How to Use Psiphon:

1. Before using this application please note that the way of using Psiphon to be conveyed can work on HP android already diroot. Because this application has features that require root access. [Read also: How To Root Android]

2. If your Android device has been qualified, provide a SIM card (no pulse) from any operator that we will use to get a signal.

3. Please download Psiphon first on android devices that will be used using wifi or cellular data network from the old card. Having successfully downloaded the application installed.

4. Open Psiphon on your android device and then select Options -> Regional (select Regional Singapore)

5. After that, select Tunnel Whole Device (device android v4.0 + or who has diroot)

6.Next we select Connect trough an HTTP Proxy -> Use System Network Settings

7. After the above step is completed, we can turn to the Internet network used android device.

8. Click the Start button that is on the application Psiphon to start exploring the virtual world for free.

9. Wait until the "Icon P Statusbar" in blue. If it is then the application Psiphon has been connected to the Internet. 

Welcome to surf as much without having to think about quotas. Hopefully this article useful, and do not forget to continue to visit this blog to get other interesting information. 

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