Not On Upgrade, true History Ends Soon iPad Air?

iPad Air is the fifth generation of iPad tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple. The iPad product dirlis by Apple on November 1, 2013. iPad Air is carrying the slim design is similar to other Apple products iPad is the iPad Mini 2. Long soundless, how ya fate of Apple's iPad?
Not On Upgrade, true History Ends Soon iPad Air?

As is known, some time ago Apple has just held an event to introduce its latest laptop, the Macbook Pro. Even so, in the event Apple did not mention the iPad Air. This makes the public opinion that Apple products do not discount successor. Is this a sign that the device is already over?
What happened at the event was to be questioned by the public. This is because Apple usually update their device lineup once a year. As ever, the company will release a new iPad approaching the end of the year. It is the same with the iPhone which is updated every September.
Noted, Apple did a massive update to the iPad and iPad Pro lineup last year. Apple iPad was quite large because it carries with spans 12.9 inch screen and comes with Apple Pencil. On the other hand, for its Pro series spans a smaller screen that is 9.7 inches followed a few months after its predecessor.

Apple has also launched an Apple iPad called iPad Air 2 on two years ago. Even so, at this time no hear news about the next generation of the iPad Air 2's. Unavailability successor iPad Air is increasingly clear since the company logo apple fruit was unlikely they would issue a special announcement on the upcoming holiday season.

On the other hand, Apple has just completed the release of the newest laptop products, namely Macbook Pro that is predicted will be the next generation of Macbook Air hers. The device comes with a 13-inch landscape display. When examined again did Macbook Air also do not have a successor who uses frills 'Water' in the name.


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