Check the Serial Number of your iPhone 6S, Lest Exodus September and October 2015

Image-iPhone 6S
Intend to buy an iPhone 6S? If so, make sure when exactly the device was manufactured.

Some of the production for the month turned out to have a battery problem.

The battery problem known after some users complained that the iPhone 6S battery performance output device 2015.

According to them, the iPhone 6S could suddenly die when the battery status is still 30 percent.

When in-charge, battery indicator directly back to 30 percent.

This problem inviting the attention of the masses and protests from consumer protection groups in China.

Apple also spoke.

The Cupertino manufacturer confirms problems afflicting the iPhone 6S.

According to Apple, the iPhone with some particular serial number does have a battery issue.

More precisely, the devices were made in the period of September and October 2015, as reported and compiled KompasTekno BusinessInsider.

"Components of the battery (which was made in September and October) were in the control room the air too long before entered into the packaging," Apple representative said in an official statement.

"As a result, the batteries drain faster than normal battery and can suddenly die," the representative added.

At the same time, Apple confirms that the battery problem completely unrelated to security issues.

There are no bugs that immersed the phone that causes the battery performance becomes worse.

If there is felt to be one of the "victims" of negligence iPhone 6S battery manufacturing process, Apple provides compensation.

The tech giant offers a free battery replacement.At first, try to check the serial numbers to the iPhone 6S this link.

Afterwards, you'll know if your phone was produced in September to October and had no problems.If yes, you are entitled to request a free battery to Apple.

You can check the location of your nearest service via this link.


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