Always a visionary, Apple Will Bekalkan 3D Camera On iPhone 8?

Aside from being a producer of goods brandednya raised image that always comes with the price is very high when compared with its rivals, Apple is also known to always be one step ahead when compared with rival producers.

Many things are already enough to make the smartphone manufacturer in particular inspired by the iPhone product is created, ranging from body design, color pattern and a few other things.

As recently Apple iPhone product show on 7 & 7 Plus visionary step that removes the 3.5 mm audio kack which menurutny is one step forward to initiate a future with technology or more advanced features and better.

And this time again rumored that in the upcoming iPhone product launch of the iPhone 8 will get bekalan 3D camera that might so far no one on the smartphone device that carries it.

Since the presence of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple seemed to want to show a significant increase in the line of photographic diproduk besutannya especially those of the iPhone and it is likely to be passed on dipeluncuran iPhone 8 is expected to be conducted in the year 2017.

The news about the 3D camera technology will be used on the iPhone 8 blows from a source who did not want his identity diunkap, where Apple is rumored collaboration with LG Innotek in camera module development project that allows a smartphone can use or support 3D photography. 

And if only this was their project and menajdikannya possible for a smartphone to have support for 3D fotgrafi then there was a possibility later on iPhone 8 will have features like camera 360 in which an image produced by Iphone 8 can be shifted up to 360 degrees in visual unity 3D.

Although uncertain whether the technology will be completely flyer on the iPhone 8 according to rumors saying that the technology will start to be procured on the iPhone which will be issued in 2017 could be in the year 2017.

Apple will release two series sekaligu same year the iPhone 8 or maybe the iPhone 9 which may be the technology of the 3D camera flyer is not on the iPhone 8.

As they had done before we know bahwasannya before Apple did release mainly the iPhone product will always be the hoopla that goes with the many rumors circulating news from the prediction specification to speculation all of which makes every product from Apple becomes viral making it a game of many of the various countries parts of the world.

Cooperation developed by Apple and LG Innotek in project cooperation 3D Camera is not the first time they intertwine. Previous partnership they once did also nothing to do with the iPhone is the dual camera lens on the iPhone 7 which is the technology of LG Innotek.

Other news in addition to the use of 3D camera on the iPhone 8 is the technology diusungnya screen without bezel design melengku at the edges, a design which is very fantastic what will eventually become bekalan iPhone to dominate completely teknolog- flagship phone if the right technology reportedly be bekalan on the iPhone 8.


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