Instagram Introduces New Features to Improve Security and User Convenience

Social media sharing photos and videos Instagram currently is a favorite of many users. Completeness of new features to make the user more comfortable. However, as in other social media, users sometimes do not feel comfortable with interference from other users. To that end, Instagram now comes with a new feature that will provide security and more convenience to users.

This feature focuses on tools that allow users to have more control of what content they can see and how to interact with it. The first feature is to control the comments presented Instagram, which in certain posts you can turn off the comments field. There is also the option to delete a follower, where if you just want friends nearby who can follow your own account. Additionally, you can also leave a comment like for other users.

Interestingly, now Instagram also allows you to report users who wanted to hurt himself. Of the several hundred million users, of course there are the eccentric, like hurting himself or things that are more dangerous. If you look at the case to another user's account, then you can report it and the Instagram will talk to an expert to talk about his problems

Even the CEO and founder of Instragram also testified that they were ready to work 24 hours every day of the week to respond to incoming reports from users. In the official blog of Instagram, stated if the features that are present only in part of a large number of features that put Instagram in the future.