Install Windows 10, Touchpad Problem?

Is your laptop using Windows 10 and everything went smoothly as usual? If so, be thankful. On the other hand, users may experience some disturbance, for example, touchpad functions that do not run smoothly as before.

If your touchpad is not working as it should, there are some steps you can do before bringing into service or decided to return to the old operating system.

First, make sure the touchpad function is active in setting. Open the Start menu> Settings. Click on the Devices and then select Mouse & Touchpad. See the options at the bottom and click on Additional Options Mouse.
Windows 10
Will appear Mouse Properties settings window. Click on the rightmost tab is ELAN or Device Settings. Look in the Devices section, and make sure the touchpad on or Enable.

In addition, some laptops have a button to enable or disable the touchpad features. This button can F6, Fn + F5 or Fn + F6.

If after a certain setting active, but the touchpad is still a problem, then you can do next is to check the touchpad driver. Open the Control Panel and then click the Device Manager and find the name of your touchpad. Right-click on the name of the touchpad and click Update Driver Software.

Furthermore, your laptop will automatically look for updates on the internet. After that you can install the new driver.

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