Large asteroid approaching Earth

Four large asteroid moving toward the Earth on this day. The fourth asteroid approaching Earth there is even a diameter of 260 meters at a speed of 13 kilometers per second.

Large asteroid approaching Earth 

Large asteroid approaching Earth

(Asteroid) 2006XD2 an asteroid large enough. If the asteroid that hit Earth, it will cause considerable damage," said planetary scientist Dr. Detlef Koschny told the Daily Mail.

Two other asteroids is not known what size and its distance from the earth. Two asteroid was only named 2010XN and 2015YQ1.

Asteroids closest to the Earth named 2006LH is approximately 2.4 kilometers from the Earth.

Nevertheless, this asteroid has a relatively smaller size that is 45 meters in diameter, equivalent to the blue whale in the ocean.

Fortunate of the four celestial bodies that none of them will have an impact on the Earth. "We survived," said Dr. Detlef Koschny.

As is known, every month there are dozens of asteroids close to Earth in the monitoring area 7.5 kilometers from Earth. However, it is recognized Koschny fourth asteroid is an asteroid which is extremely rare.  

More than 60,000 asteroids were unknown at this time, 10,000 of whom is an asteroid that has the closest distance to Earth. Although the chance of hitting the Earth is small, asteroid tracking efforts are still needed.

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