Legna Tactica for Nintendo 3DS Also Gets Global Version!

Kemco announced that they want to bring one of their SRPG that Legna Tactica to be released on the Nintendo 3DS. After they have released the game for the Nintendo 3DS eShop Japanese territory through the features. 

Legna Tactica

Legna Tactica

This was seen when the Offical Nintendo create a page on their official website. However, Nintendo still has not leaked when artificial RPG Hit-Point will be released for the global market. But according to sources, this game will be released in the year 2017, only in digital form. So you need to buy eShop account.

Legna Tactica own air-setting on a continent called Feyzum, where the royal Legna is facing very chaotic battle against the empire Izmoot. Meanwhile Leck and his two friends Mia and Astar finally come to practice to become fighters Legna forces. But suddenly, they decided to cooperate with the hero of the kingdom Legna, namely general Varrius and Azure Hawk Brigade troops, to quell the bandits. But when traveling, there are unexpected things await them.

Interestingly, the battle system of the game featuring the orthodox system, so players will choose members of the party to join the fight against the enemy. While the battle of his own will be in a folder with isometric grid that divides it into squares. Each character is either character or enemy, will get a turn to move and attack in turn. Characters that have the status of Agility , the highest will get the first turn.

More interestingly, the game system in Legna Tactica showing a cool character customization features. Players can choose a skill available in the skill trees of each character, used to fight against his enemies. Location of war also determine the outcome of your war, such as the level of a region, rivers are impassable, and so on.

Unlike similar games, Legna Tactica not only displays the style battle tactics cool. But also show some different endings that you can get. Yes, as a non-linear game, the player will be faced with several possible answers that affect the course of the story.

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