LG Wants Out 5 Capital and Other astonishing facts which MANDATORY Unknown

In South Korea there, not just artists K-Pop idols are so many people. A variety of top brands such as Samsung and LG also became an idol for gadget lovers worldwide. However, if you know the truth about LG today?

Probably most of you many not know the true facts about LG. Therefore, through this article will tell I astonishing facts about LG. Read to the end!

LG Wants Out 4 Capital and Other astonishing facts which MANDATORY Unknown 

Company LG

1.Name LG Turns Have Own Business History

LG name is an acronym, but Jake would not talk about it. In 1947, LG is formed from branches of industrial chemical products, mainly produces household appliances by name Lak-Hui, and is introduced by the name of Lucky.

In 1958, another company branch was opened and named Goldstar. The company specializes in electronic products. Then, after the acquisition of Zenith Electronics, LG Electronics be names that now exist.

2.LG center are currently in Germany

Like the company's other global giants, LG also has its headquarters located in Europe. Initially, LG wants to put himself in London, but eventually LG decided to move to Frankfurt, Germany.

Why LG chose Frankfurt? Because, according to LG, Germany has a pull strategy rather than English. This was disclosed by Vice President of LG Electronics, Oliver Grohmann. Wah, consideration was amazing, huh?

3.LG Being Critical 

Smartphone world has always been a fascination for mankind today. Two of the most favorite smartphone vendors are in the South, namely LG and Samsung. But, since the failure of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung got a very scathing criticism from various parties. Likewise with LG.

Currently, LG Mobile is showing signs of the entry of the critical period. Results from yesterday trimester is much worse than the previous result. Her income is only 19.9 billion, which means 23 percent lower than the same period in 2015.

Then, sales in South Korea, the land of his birth has decreased drastically, which fell by 41 percent. Therefore, the line of upscale smartphones LG did not make a significant improvement.

4.Korea Dominate Market televisions, LG Not First Position

In addition to smartphones, Korea also dominated the television market tablets. However, unfortunately the LG is not the market leader. In 2015, Samsung donates 21 percent of its products in the market. Meanwhile, LG is only represented by 12.6 percent. But, there is more sad, that Sony only has a share of 6.5 percent.

Nevertheless, Samsung currently falls and occupy the same ranking in 2013. What about LG? Far worse! Therefore, competition with vendors from China and Japan seem to be able to beat them in terms of market share.

5.Until now, LG and Sony Still Hostile

If you gadget lovers, certainly know very well the problems between LG and Sony. Yes, in 2010, Sony said that LG stole seven patents. However, Sony is not released just like that, because this vendor again sued by LG.

In 2011, LG filed a formal complaint and accused Sony of stealing the license for television and LG Blu-ray player. This license is used for the PS3 and the situation continued to deteriorate. Finally, PS was not allowed into some markets. So, until now LG and Sony are still hostile.

Well, that's 5 astonishing facts about LG mandatory you know. Are besides five facts above, you may know more facts about the LG? Share your opinion yes!