Oppo F1 - Specification, Price, Advantages, Deficiency With 13 MP camera and 8MP Complete with Sophisticated Features

Oppo manufacturing resume in early 2016 and brought the song new smartphone products. After we had discussed yesterday Oppo A30 series, this time we will get acquainted with the Oppo F1 which is the second smart phone products made by the company from China. Moment mat CES 2016 seems to be utilized completely by Oppo. As one smart device vendors are already well-known, Oppo does not stop giving the latest innovation for the gadget in the world. 

Still aiming for the middle segment, this time F1 Oppo presented as an opener for Oppo generation F Series. The first generation outside Oppo Oppo A and R Series is indeed had become a byword when teaser Oppo uploaded via the official Weibo account belonging to the company. F1 reported that Oppo will rely on the ability of photography as its main selling points.  

This is reasonable given the competitors Oppo kinds of Huawei or Lenovo smartphone products are increasingly being issued with photographic capabilities are pretty good. However, certainly Oppo was also not just focus on the ability of photography alone. Besides having the ability photographic okay have, Oppo this F1 was certainly also carries a variety of technical specifications that have a quality above average.

Present at the high-end smartphone segment of course artificial Oppo latest smart devices must meet the standard. Oppo itself is known as one of the vendors who often play in the secondary market. That means, the technical specifications of Oppo F1 is clear beyond doubt its quality. Widescreen smartphone remains the main concept of the Oppo's latest products. It can be seen from the use of the screen size of 5 inches is attached to the frame F1 classified Oppo quite large. The screen used is still kind of IPS and not AMOLED.  

But even so, the visual quality of the Oppo's latest smartphone obviously should not be underestimated because it is supported by the resolution and the display density is high enough, So, the display image produced by the display on the Oppo F1 will definitely be very sharp and spoil the eye. Then switch on the spur kitchen space, is used Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 chipset which has the power Octa-core processor 1.7 GHz. Oppo F1 performance would be even gahar because the manufacturer also been pinned with a capacity of 3 GB RAM and GPU graphics processor card Andreno 405. 

As the flagship features, photography lines on this smartphone was also performed by a duet maximum 13 MP camera and 8 MP. From the glimpse of this discussion, it is clear we just can not underestimate the quality offered by Oppo. Now for more details, below is a complete review of the Oppo F1 specifications and prices that we have prepared for everything pal. Listen ya!

Review Oppo F1 

Rely Visual sector 5-inch IPS display with Gorilla Glass Protection System 4

Oppo F1
As usual, for the first segment will start with the most visible sectors, namely Oppo F1 specifications in the design part. Inevitably it was because at the time saw a new product first became ratings are physical sector. Once attracted by the physical part, consumers must be curious and find out what the inside of the smart phone. Well for design matters, Oppo F1 equipped with a distinctive design style Oppo who looks more elegant and stylish thanks to the choice of color shades of white and gold colored casing. In the dimension, as usual smartphone made by Oppo is always equipped with a minimalist design and slim so the operation is also more convenient. 

 Oppo F1 brings dimensions measuring 143.5 x 71 x 7.3 mm and weighs 134 grams. The measure is a measure that is fairly minimalist and efficient in the palm of one hand. Meanwhile, on the visual, Oppo equip this new smartphone with IPS type LCD screen which spans 5.0 inches. Although the screen on F1 Oppo is still carrying the Super AMOLED technology, but thanks to Full HD resolution the flyer, the smartphone is still able to present a visual display is clear and comfortable in the eye. 

The screen is also protected optimally by Corning Gorilla Glass protection system 4 which has been installed in the built-in on this smart phone. In general, specifications Oppo F1 at the design and the screen is already quite okay because it has a roomy screen provision is supported best technology.

Maximum Sports Performance Data Due Octa-core processor 1.7 GHz and 3 GB RAM

Oppo F1 
Amazed by the visual specifications? Comrade certainly will increasingly fall in love with the quality specifications of Oppo F1 if it already knows what kind of kitchen components implanted in it. For his part, Oppo is relying on the performance of the components of quality. Thanks to the combination of Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 chipset, powered by Quad-core processor 1.7 GHz, of course, the data processing activities on Oppo F1 will be the maximum and smoothly.  

Then, Oppo also pinned 3 GB RAM capacity is very useful to support optimal performance, especially for multitasking performance needs. As for the graphics processing needs, Oppo F1 equipped with Adreno GPU graphics processor card 405, where the device is known to the graphics processor capable of displaying HD vusialisasi class game or play movies and video with maximum views.  

See specifications of machine components are arranged in the kitchen redone, of course Oppo F1 has proved that the kitchen spur ready to compete with products from other vendors. Lastly, to create a kitchen runway performance more perfect, specs Oppo entrusted F1 on the software platform Android operating system Lollipop or Android v5.1.1 with a bandage display interface Color OS 2.1 will bring a myriad of interesting features in it. 

Supported Internal Storage Capacity 16GB Size Extras 

Oppo F1
In addition to requiring the support of a capable machine specifications, performance of a smartphone is also determined by the extent of storage space owned. In this course, we will discuss the spacious internal storage or memory available. In order to further improve the system of work in it, this F1 specs Oppo was also supported by ample storage space.  

To support the storage needs maximum, Oppo offers an internal memory of 16 GB which will create a buddy flexibility to store various files or large applications into F1 this Oppo. With such extensive capacity, pal should not hesitate anymore to store your important files in the gadget alone.  

If you look at the capacity of internal memory on the Oppo F1 is also equal to the capacity of internal memory or a series Oppo Oppo R5 A33yang also have an area of ​​16 GB of memory only. But unlike the Oppo R5, Oppo smartphone F1 series is still supported by external memory slot that can be used to expand the memory capacity becomes larger.  The capacity of the external memory of this specification F1 Oppo is also one of the largest in its class, ie, up to 128 GB. But a little note, if comrade want to add a microSD Card, it must sacrifice SIM 2, because the slots occupy the same space.

Rely lines Duet Camera Photography 13MP and 8MP Complete with Sophisticated Features 

Oppo F1
Now it's time we discuss the specifications Oppo F1 which is becoming a flagship, namely in the photography section. Actually, the main force in the line of smartphone photography is not the power or the size of the lens, but the completeness of features and supporting technology. At the rear, Oppo F1 brings strength 13MP main camera. The rear camera on this smartphone is capable of producing photo shots were pretty good and has a high resolution. Moreover, the rear camera is also supported by apperture features f / 2.2, LED flash and Autofocus.  

Not to forget, Oppo F1 is also equipped with features such as if the modern photography Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama and HDR. Not only can be relied upon to shoot photos, the camera on a smartphone Oppo F1 primer can also be used as a recording medium quite well. The quality of video recordings that can reach 1080 @ 30 fps or FHD is already good enough to video from a smartphone. Then, this smartphone capabilities to the photography sector is also enhanced by the use of an 8 MP front camera. 

 With the front camera is an 8 MP on the front side of the Oppo F1, will certainly facilitate  friend who has a hobby or make frequent calls selfie video call. Moreover, the front camera is also equipped with features apperture screen flash and f / 2.0. So, specs Oppo F1 in the photography section of this course will produce highly qualified snapped pictures. 

The communication Fluent Thanks Slot Dual SIM and LTE Network Support

Oppo F1
Currently, the completeness of the data network connectivity technology and it has become an absolute requirement of today's smartphones. It would seem redundant when spec smartphone with powerful engines, but not supported by the best connectivity. Layakanya other modern smartphones, specs Oppo F1 in this sector has also been supported by the connectivity options are quite exhaustive. In addition to bringing dual SIM card slot for easy mobile data communication, this smartphone also supports 4G LTE network connectivity. Although only placed as secondary smartphone under premium gadget, in fact, Oppo F1 comes with the best data network technology brings. Armed with super-fast data networks 4G LTE, comrade can enjoy easy access to the Internet to reach a speed of 150 Mbps for download.  

While uploading, Oppo F1 can be driven up to speeds of 50 Mbps. If comrade are in areas not yet covered by the 4G network need not worry because this smartphone has been supported by a complete alternative network options, ranging from EDGE to HSPA networks. Besides equipped with mode selection complete cellular network, comrades can also take advantage of WiFi and also features WiFi Direct which has been pinned on this F1 Oppo. 

 If want to share access to data with friends, then you can use the portable hotspot feature on this smartphone. While for purposes of data transfer at close range, this smartphone also features Bluetooth and a microUSB slot. As for hobbt you are traveling, you can use A-GPS navigation technology that already exists on the specifics of this F1 Oppo. Although still limited to the usual A-GPS, but its existence would have been very helpful you who like traveling.  Support Power 

Supply Battery Capacity 2500 mAh 

Oppo F1
After dissecting all of the sectors on the specifics of this Oppo F1, certainly one more thing that should not be overlooked is the power of the power supply. Capacity or the amount of power the battery is also a significant problem. The greater capacity of the battery, of course, the better for all of the system will be able to work optimally throughout the day. If the specifications, Oppo F1 is indeed quite a smartphone that has a fairly large power consumption. This is because the hardware components in it are high-quality components. One example of a part that requires power supply is high enough kitchen spur.  

In addition, display and connection system on any F1 Oppo also need a large enough power supply. In order to guarantee maximum performance, Oppo also equip this new smartphone product with sufficient battery capacity, which is 2,500 mAh. The magnitude of the capacity of the battery or the flyer on the specs Oppo F1 this is indeed sufficient. So, thanks to the support of adequate power it stands to reason that the operational performance of the smart phone this one would be the maximum. 

Excess Oppo F1

  • The elegant design stylish
  •      5.0-inch IPS LCD screen
  •      A screen resolution of Full HD
  •      Corning Gorilla Glass screen protection 4
  •      Color OS 2.1 feature
  •      Lollipop Android OS
  •      616 Snapdragon chipset
  •      Octa-core processor 1.7 GHz
  •      GPU Adreno 405
  •      3 GB RAM
  •      The internal memory of 16 GB
  •      128 GB MicroSD
  •      13 MP camera and 8 MP
  •      Bluetooth v4.1 A2DP
  •      The battery capacity of 2,500 mAh  

Disadvantages Oppo F1

  •      The density of only 294 ppi screen
  •      External memory slot still use SIM slot 2
  •      The navigation system is still A-GPS
  •      Battery type Li-Ion

Price Oppo F1

Oppo F1
After all sectors peeled completely, now comes the last segment that is about the price of this F1 Oppo. Surely friends are curious, is not it? But before berlajut on how nominal labeled, will first give a little conclusion about the detailed specifications that are offered by this latest smartphone from Oppo. Well, the latest smart devices made by Chinese vendors have brought the IPS type LCD display that brings resolution 5-inch Full HD. Layered Corning Gorilla Glass 4 makes the screen on F1 Oppo will be protected to the maximum.  

But with the device, of course, the selling price in the market will also be affected. See if the data formidable space with 616 Snapdragon chipset powered Octa-core processor 1.7 GHz and 3 GB RAM capacity, of course, becoming increasingly optimal performance, even for the purposes of multitasking though.  

The composition of the hardware on the kitchen runway is also likely to affect prices in the market Oppo F1. Then, this smart phone also supports adequate disk space, advanced photography line, maximum connectivity also 2,500 mAh battery capacity is capable of sustaining cell phone during the day. 

For the official price, Oppo is still not officially announced. However, based on several sources have been predicting the price of smart phones this one. From sources get, Oppo F1 predicted that prices will be released into the market with a nominal value of between $ 300- $ 500. A price is quite expensive indeed. But if we consider the quality of the existing back on F1's technical specifications Oppo, the price is already in accordance with what is in it.  

By relying on the strength of a pretty good visual, component runway kitchen has a strong performance, as well as the line quality photography, it is clear that the price of deserved labeled F1 Oppo expensive. In general, Oppo's latest smart phone is indeed ready to compete with products from other vendors in the same class. 

With a price tag Oppo F1 are quite competitive in the smartphone market share of upper middle class, certainly smartphone Bamboo Curtain country of origin would be very confident to swing in the market. 

However, keep in mind that the price Oppo F1 that I have to still be a price estimate. The next time comrade find different prices with forecasts, then do not be surprised. During this time, Oppo is known as a manufacturer that focuses more on the phone segmentation middle class to upper class, so this strategy is not new for the Oppo.  

With consistency berklualitas producing gadgets like Oppo F1 series is, of course, made his name has a pretty good prestige in the market. Thus, the presence of this new champ is quite a weapon of war is tough to look at competition in 2016. About the price Oppo F1 is relative.  

There were considered too expensive, there is also a thought price is already fitted with quality. Again, consumer tastes will sting determine the latest smart phone marketing of this Oppo. For the price announcement official Oppo F1, so please be patient! Wait for official release next few days.

Price Oppo F1 - $400-$500  

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