Paypal Alternatif - 5 Best Alternative Online Payment In addition to PayPal

Talk about online payments, PayPal become one of the best online payment media today. With PayPal, each user can perform money transfer or purchase of foreign products very easily, of course, online.

What if do not have a PayPal or you have a problem with PayPal? Looks like you have to try the best online payment alternatives other than the following PayPal.

Reporting from MakeUseOf 5 media is the best and safest online payment other than PayPal that you can use.

Alternative Online Payment In addition to PayPal

1. Venmo

Venmo has the look like a cross between a digital wallet and social media timeline. Venmo make online payments more friendly for you and your friends. You can add comments or notes to other Venmo penggunaa like social media.

When you use Venmo menggirim cash balance, bank accounts, debit cards or other prepaid cards, you will not be charged a transaction fee. As for credit cards, charge 3 percent.

2. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments
Amazon itself released their online payment system since 2008. By using Amazon Payments, users can log in and make purchases at thousands of sites and applications without fear of credit card data was stolen.

3. Google Wallet

Google Wallet
Google Wallet to make payments easier. One of the benefits of Google Wallet is able to send money to another person just an email address or phone number, even if the person does not use Google Wallet.

4. Skrill

Skrill is one of the strongest rival PayPal at this time. Skrill became famous when can be used in a variety of payments, such as Skype, eBay and sites of major online gambling.

Disbursement of funds in Skrill is also fairly easy. Users can directly transfer to Skrill MasterCard logo to be used offline as well as online.

Skrill offers transaction costs are quite competitive. When sending money, there are additional costs sebsesar pengimiran 1.9 percent and the number will be limited to € 20. Money can be sent via Skrill account or email address. There are no additional fees when receiving money.

5. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a joint account services that will bridge your payment to the seller. Methods of payment with 2Checkout can use credit cards, checks and PayPal itself. If you want to open a store or shop online, it looks like 2Checkout could be the right choice.

Those are some other ways that can be done to make payments online without using PayPal. If you have any other alternative way, do not forget to share in the comments yes.Good luck!