Pebble Officially Acquired by Fitbit On This Day

After rumored some time ago, enterprise digital health and fitness wearable tracking, Fitbit, Pebble smartwatch officially acquired producer. With this acquisition, Fitbit get right to acquire various assets from Pebble software.

CEO and co-founder of Fitbit, James Park said if Fitbit see an opportunity to build strength and expand their dominance in the category of wearable. "With this acquisition, we were getting ready to accelerate the expansion of our platform as well as ecosystem and make Fitbit an important part of everyday life," said Park.

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Pebble Officially Acquired by Fitbit On This Day 

According to information reported by Bloomberg, Fitbit buy Pebble with a value below U $ 40 million. Almost all software engineers Pebble offered a job by Fitbit to continue their involvement in the world wearable, even though Pebble founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky claims will not join the Fitbit because the company plans to return to the startup incubator Y Combinator.

As a company that started from Kickstarter, Pebble could actually taste the sweetness of success in the technology thanks smartwatch products that use technology "e-paper".  

However, due to new competitors emerging markets coupled with sluggish wearable in recent years, corporate profits have also declined sharply.

Latest product Pebble Time 2, which received a positive response on Kickstarter also experienced cancellations and buyers will soon get a refund (refund) within 4-8 weeks.

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