PewDiePie Promises Will Clear channel If Reached 50 Million Subscriber

PewDiePie may no longer names that are foreign to you, even if you do not like this one YouTuber, you must admit that if his popularity is not separated from his efforts to create video content in the last 6 years. PewDiePie subscriber currently has as many as 49.4 million people and even soon reach 50 million. And speaking of 50 million, he has just released a video that makes tolerable subscribernya surprised that "deleting MY CHANNEL AT 50 MILLION."
 As its title suggests, PewDiePie "promise" will delete the channel if it has reached 50 million subscribers and starting from scratch with a new channel. The reason he said this is a new system of Youtube which he said "kill YouTubers." If you frequently browse through Youtube, you may realize that now on the first page of the website is filled with sessions "Recommended". "Trending" YouTuber and recommendations that you have not subscribe. This new page display replaces the previous session filled by new videos from channels that are subscribed by the user. Then how do I see the videos of the channel you subscribe? you should click the "subscription" barely visible at all.

To make matters worse, PewDiePie reported that many youtuber who lost subscribers because many YouTube account automatically menghilangan certain channels from the list of subscribed channels. Pewdiepie claimed that the video has decreased the number of view very drastic because of two changes from the Youtube. As a famous YouTuber with nearly 50 million subscribers would be very questionable to him how the video was not even up to 2 million spectators even though they had a few days.

PewDiePie also critical if the new changes in this Youtube video makes the channel with "clickbait" increasingly in demand nowadays because Trending session and Recommended previously described earlier. He said it is only necessary clickbait video thumbnail and title are sensational to get a lot of views, but the video quality is not seheboh what is on the title or thumbnail. He is not even trying to make the video look as "clickbait" perhaps as a kind of criticism to Youtube as well membuktikkan points he meant.

 So ... yes, PewDiePie not satisfied with the decision and at the end of this Youtube video he uttered want to delete the channel if it had reached the 50 million subscriber. Statement This Swedish man widely regarded as a mere joke by many fans, but few take this very seriously pewds speech and thought he was really going to do it.
Is it really serious or merely joking or even just to find the sensation? We will not know hinga she reaches 50 million subscribers that might happen in a few weeks longer see his reputation is too high as youtuber.