Review Lenovo - Motorola Moto E3 Power, Have Excess Anything?

After a long invisible in the Indonesian market, Motorola brand which now is under the control of Lenovo comes back into the Indonesian market with the brand Moto. First smartphone that they bring to Indonesia is Moto E3 Power. Present as the entry-level smartphone, specification of what is carried by the first smartphone in Indonesia's motto?

Comes to Indonesia with frills "Power", it can be ascertained if the smartphone sector rely larger battery capacity than other smartphones in the same class. But not just that, this smartphone also has some other advantages that can captivate prospective buyers. To find out, the following is a review of Moto E3 Power we have done.

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Review Lenovo - Motorola Moto E3 Power, Have Excess Anything?

Moto E3 Specifications Power: 

  • 5-inch screen, HD 720 × 1280 pixels, IPS Panel 
  • Mediatek chipset MT6735P
  • CPU Quad-core 1.0GHz Cortex A53
  • Mali GPU -T720MP2
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB ROM, microSD
  • Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow
  • 8MP main camera, autofocus, LED flash
  • 5MP front camera
  • Battery 3500mAh

Package sales of E3 Power Moto:

  • Moto Unit E3 Power
  • 2A charger head
  • User's manual
  • Earphone
  • USB cable / charger
  • Warranty book
  • Screen protectors   


Motorola Moto E3
The design of the Moto E3 Power is different from Lenovo's handset, although this smartphone produced in the same factory with other Lenovo handsets. Although targeting the entry-level segment, the smartphone is already carrying frames made of metal, thus making it seem more solid smartphone cover back though still made of textured plastic. The design is rounded at each corner make this smartphone a more ergonomic when grasped.

On the front side, you will see two speakers, in which the upper part of the phone to function as an earpiece, while those at the bottom of a loud speaker. This is a design that is less reasonable, given that most smartphone manufacturers put loud speakers at the back or on the bottom side. However, these designs will make the sound becomes louder and when placed on a flat surface and will not reduce the volume of his voice.

This smartphone has the power / lock and volume are placed on the right side. But things are quite unique, where the power / lock made jagged. Surely this will allow users to distinguish the button on the right side. At the top there is a 3.5mm audio jack port, while the bottom there is a micro USB port. On the back you'll find a camera that is located above the LED flash. There is also the Moto logo and a microphone located at the top rear.

Moto E3 Power does not carry unibodi design, which means that the back cover of this smartphone you can open and smartphone removable battery. It is easier for us if at any time smartphone batteries having problems. In addition, this smartphone does not use physical or capacitive buttons for navigation, but instead uses a softkey navbar on the screen.


Motorola Moto E3
To display sector, is carrying the smartphone 5-inch wide screen with a resolution of a standard, namely HD 720 × 1280 pixels. Fortunately, Moto E3 Power is already using a type IPS panel that can display sharper images. This smartphone is said there are splash water resistant, so do please if you can bring this smartphone to swim.

Unfortunately, there is no protection means on the smartphone. As we know, Lenovo provides additional mica screen protector in the sales package. Of course it is indicated that this smartphone is not coated with Gorilla Glass or something. Because the smartphone is still in the entry-level class, the ability to simultaneously recognize the touch of a maximum of only 5 finger touch.

Then, what about the performance of the display Moto E3 Power? It could be said if the images shown smartphone is arguably unremarkable, but quite good because it has a good level of sensitivity. To display images outdoors, this smartphone is also quite good although the reflection of the sun is still quite pronounced.

Software and Interface   

Software and Interface
In the sales package, Moto E3 Power running Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow. By running this OS, most likely the company will roll out an upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat for next year. But that is quite odd here is, Moto E3 Power does not carry any user interface, both Motorola and Lenovo. Moto E3 Power comes with stock Android that does not change. Because it uses the default Android interface, this smartphone does not have the additional features that are usually presented by the manufacturer.

In addition, Moto E3 Power does not come with bloatware from third parties, only the number of Google services that are present on this smartphone. Of course this is pretty good, because the memory used by the system will not take a lot of capacity, so that we can more freely install other applications or store more files in the internal memory.

Hardware & Performance   

Software and Interface
To the viscera, indeed nothing so spectacular, because the specifications are in the average entry-level smartphone. This smartphone brings MT6735P Mediatek chipset which has a CPU Quad-core 1.0GHz Cortex-A53 and Mali GPU-T720MP2. There's also 2GB of RAM capacity that leaves room quite a relief, given the lack of bloatware on this smartphone. On average the remaining space on the RAM of about 50%. This is certainly good news for those who like to install lots of social media applications, games, or other applications.

As for the internal storage capacity of 16GB, which still can be expanded for this smartphone provides a microSD slot. For internal storage capacity that can be used for 11.96GB, quite relieved to store a wide variety of applications and files.

Then how the performance presented this smartphone? For multitasking performance can indeed be said to be mediocre or do not have privileges at all. Switching from one application to another still feels delay. As for the game play is still able to walk, but in some games that have heavy graphics, some scenes will experience fractures or lag like the game Brothers In Arms 3. It can also be seen from the benchmark results using multiple applications, where a score is generated still in the average entry-level smartphone.

For sensors that carried also included minimal, where you will only see the standard as acelerometer sensor, light sensor, proximity, and a microphone as sound sensor. The absence of the orientation sensor, magnetic, and gyroscopes confirms that this smartphone is not intended for entertainment.


Motorola Moto E3 Power
For photographic needs, the smartphone is equipped with an 8MP main camera is equipped with autofocus and LED flash. As for selfie can use the front camera 5MP resolution. This smartphone uses built-in camera app from Google, where the features of the fairly standard. You will only suguhi some shooting modes like autofocus, manual, and filter.

To the camera, the image produced in the outdoors are arguably well in sunny conditions, but when you're in low light conditions or at night, the noise will be felt very disturbing. As for the results of the front camera is quite good, but the unfortunate thing is the viewing angle front camera feels cramped.


Motorola Moto E3 Power
The battery capacity is a feature that most favored by this smartphone, remember the name of this smartphone has frills "Power". Carried smartphone battery capacity is 3500mAh, which for the entry-level smartphone capacity for it is not common. In addition, the battery on the Moto E3 Power can still be removed because it does not carry the concept unibodi.

Unfortunately chipset that carried this smartphone does not support fast charging, so that the speed of the charge depends only on the 2A charger. The average time required to fully charge a smartphone is almost 3 hours. However it is considered reasonable given the capacity of the smartphone is fairly large.

For usage battery, the smartphone was able to survive a day with intense usage such as accessing the browser, messenger, games and multimedia. Even the battery capacity can be more durable if you do not use it too often. To be invited to play games continuously, this smartphone can last 3 to 4 hours depending on the type of game being played.


Motorola Moto E3 Power
For the multimedia sector, Moto E3 Power does not bring anything special. This smartphone still rely on applications from Google, like Play Music, Photos, and others. To output loud speaker, the smartphone is heard loud and loud enough, but sometimes it feels quite shrill. This is coupled with the placement of the loud speaker that face forward which makes voice heard more clearly. The good news, Lenovo still includes earphones in the sales package of this smartphone.

In addition, the classic features such as FM radio is also not behind present on this smartphone that enrich entertainment side. It can be said the multimedia sector is not the mainstay of Moto E3 Power.


In the plan to Indonesia, Lenovo as the owner of Motorola today is wise enough to target the entry-level segment, which in this segment is not concerned with the full-featured teralu. Comes with a design that is distinctive to the design of Motorola, Moto E3 Power is expected to captivate the people of Indonesia who have been longing for the presence of the brand Moto smartphone.

By relying on the battery capacity is above average, the smartphone is also very suitable for those who love mobile move, because this smartphone can accompany you all day without needing to bother with power bank.

But, of course, there are some unfortunate thing about this smartphone, such as minimal features and do not use the company's custom user interface. But the positive side, the performance load becomes lighter smartphone and memory capacity to be more relieved.

Excess Moto E3 Power 

  • The frame is made of metal    
  • Textured back cover, not slippery and could be removed
  • RAM capacity relief
  • Large battery capacity
  • No LED notifications
  • supports 4G
  • Has a resistance to water splashes     

Moto E3 Power Shortage

  • Does not have a custom user interface
  • Minimal additional features
  • Underpowered processor
  • Results of ordinary cameras
Thus our articles Discussion about the Review of Motorola E3 Power. Hopefully in this article I discuss can help you or beneficial. Do not forget to leave a comment if you want to ask about the article I discussed this.

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